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10 Tips for Recruiting Top Salespeople

It is believed that finding the right salespeople is the hardest job in the world. It is the hardest, however important at the same time. If you end up hiring bad salespeople, missed opportunities and several other problems can be faced. 

If you do not want to let go of any business opportunity and achieve the goals early, you would have to hire carefully. Though one meeting is not enough to judge someone thoroughly. However, it can tell you whether or not this person is right for the sales job. Since you have to decide in one meeting, here are 10 tips for recruiting top salespeople by sales recruiters.

  • Be sure of your requirements
  • State your requirements clearly
  • Get more involved
  • Do not rely on anyone
  • Use all means to search for the salespeople
  • Pay attention to the interviewee’s body language as well
  • Consider hiring a recruiter
  • Conduct both phone and final-round interviews
  • Prefer hiring salespeople with a few year’s experience
  • Be willing to teach

Be sure of your requirements

Salespeople need to have a lot of qualities to be able to perform the job efficiently. As per the experts, a person who is extrovert, confident, patient, subtle, resilient, persistent, honest, focused, optimistic, and polite can be right for the sales job. You should more or less expect the same from the salespeople. Therefore be sure of your requirements first before interviewing the candidates.

State your requirements clearly

Whatever purpose you are hiring for, it is suggested to state your requirements clearly. Stating your requirements clearly would help you in interviewing and hiring top salespeople.

Get more involved

It’s super easy to ask a professional to suggest possible options. However, you are supposed to go the hardest way. Build contacts with the relevant professionals, stay connected, and reach out to meet people face to face. It will not only help you in judging but hiring top sales employees. Moreover, you would gain a knowledge of the market as well. Wouldn’t it be a win-win?

Do not rely on anyone

No matter how promising the potential sales employees sounds. Have your judgmental eyes on while interviewing the potential sales employees. Inspect the documents properly. You are supposed to look for the candidate’s CV, an industry journal, candidates’ websites, blogs and articles. 

Use all means to search for the salespeople

Leaving an ad in the newspaper does not sound promising. However, you have to use all means to search for the sales employees. Post a vacancy on social media, job fairs, and newspapers. Do not leave any stone unturned especially when you are searching for a salesperson.

Pay attention to the interviewee’s body language as well

The interviewee’s voice and body language can tell whether the salesperson has all the qualities you look for or not. Therefore, do not get too busy inspecting the CV, candidate’s website, blog, and articles, pay attention to the body language as well.

Consider hiring a recruiter

You have to look for the possible options yourself and hire a recruiter for the job as well. It will assist you in having an impressive number of well-qualified and experienced options. Moreover, you would be able to save your precious time and money as well. Therefore, consider putting the reviewing application, initial interviewing, and scheduling burden on the recruiter’s shoulder.

Conduct both phone and final-round interviews

To get to interview good sales professionals and waste less time, conduct phone interviews to narrow down the pool of job applications. Shortlist highly talented salespeople and conduct final-round interviews to get to know the candidates better.

Prefer hiring salespeople with a few years experience

No matter how qualified a person is no one knows the sales world as an experienced person does. Therefore if you want to build a team of highly talented salespeople, try finding salespeople with a few years of experience. The experienced salespeople would be more reliable, independent and would require less supervision. So, you would be able to shift your focus to areas that require your undivided attention.

Be willing to teach

You may find someone polished enough to perform the job without any training. There are solid some chances that you might have to teach a few skills to bring out the best in a salesperson. Therefore, if you see potential in a candidate be willing to teach and give him room to make mistakes. Training might cost you some time or maybe money however it will all be worth it.


Finding the right salespeople is super important, however, it is believed to be the hardest job. You have to pay attention to a lot of things. To be more specific, be sure of your requirements, state your requirements clearly, get more involved, do not rely on anyone, use all means to search for the salespeople, pay attention to the interviewee’s body language, consider hiring a recruiter, conduct both phone and final-round interviews, prefer hiring salespeople with a few year’s experience, and be willing to teach.

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