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Are you considering using FunWithFeet as a platform for selling or buying feet pictures? Here's why you shouldn't.

FunWithFeet Reviews: This Is Why It’s Not Worth It! (Explained!)


Are you considering using FunWithFeet as a platform for selling or buying feet pictures? Think again. We’ve thoroughly investigated the platform for you, offering a comprehensive review that explains why it may not be worth your time or investment.

Review: Is FunWithFeet Worth It?

FunWithFeet may seem like an attractive option for buying or selling feet pics, but based on our comprehensive review, it’s not worth the time or investment. The platform suffers from a skewed market, having an abundance of sellers but too few buyers. This makes it particularly challenging for new sellers to make any meaningful sales.

Moreover, technical glitches abound. Numerous users have reported that they’re unable to access their inboxes, preventing them from communicating with potential buyers. Some can’t even log into the platform as it remains inaccessible for them.

If that’s not discouraging enough, customer support is another area where FunWithFeet falls short. Many have complained about the slow response time or complete lack of replies from customer service, further complicating an already difficult user experience.

Scammers are another red flag on FunWithFeet. The platform has been criticized for its lack of security measures, resulting in an increased number of scammers who prey on sellers. This makes it an unreliable space for conducting any form of business.

On the other hand, FeetFinder stands out as a far superior option. It offers a balanced market, with fewer sellers and a greater number of buyers, making it easier for sellers to complete transactions. Customer support is also commendable; they respond much faster and seem to be more helpful.

Another major advantage of FeetFinder is its security measures, which include requiring credit card details from buyers upon signing up. This barrier to entry seems to have a deterring effect on potential scammers, making the platform more secure. FeetFinder also comes highly recommended, with more than 5000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. It presents itself as the most reliable and efficient platform in the industry for buying and selling feet pictures.


FunWithFeet Trustpilot Reviews:

The Trustpilot reviews of FunWithFeet are swamped with bad reviews calling the site a scam. The Washington City Paper has also published a review of FunWithFeet, arriving at the same conclusion.

Below are some of FunWithFeets Trustpilot reviews:

  • “Funwithfeet is definitely scam. I doubt that anyone ever made money on this platform. You get sketchy messages from users telling you to add them on Kik, Telegram or Snapchat. Before signing up there you should definitely read the reviews on Reddit because the 5-Star Reviews here on this website are most likely to be fake. I wish I did that before signing up there.”
  • “The website is fine but there are so many scams and bots claiming to want to do business with me and I’m just trying to navigate through all the BS!!”
  • “I have not experienced a legitimate buyer yet. Over 20 people have messaged me just asking to message them on Snapchat then promising all this money but really they have a scam set up. What am I doing wrong and how do I find real buyers?”
  • “Total Scam! You can’t open any messages and the site is so slow that you can open it 1 time on 10. They ask you for money for publishing and you can’t interact with messages. Inbox never worked. After some messages to customer service, I never received answers. Total SCAM!”
  • “Scam!! You can’t open any messages, there’s no phone number for customer support and the “contact us” page probably gets ignored. I submitted multiple times trying to get assistance and was just ignored. Don’t waste your time here.”
  • “The same as other one star reviews, it’s clearly a scam. Paid the subscription fee, for essentially no service. The website is unbelievably slow. I received a ton of messages, but i’m unable to open them. The one’s I did manage to open were from scam buyers anyhow. Please don’t waste your time. I’ve cancelled my subscription and deleted my account within less than 24 hours of opening it due to how awful the site is.”

We recommend FeetFinder over FunWithFeet. FeetFinder has over 5000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and has paid out millions of dollars to models.

We have published an in-depth FeetFinder review.

Can You Make Money On FunWithFeet?

Yes, it’s possible to make money on FunWithFeet, as the platform does host some legitimate buyers. However, the odds are not in favor of sellers due to an imbalance between the number of sellers and buyers. This glut of sellers makes it difficult to secure sales, let alone make a sustainable income.

In contrast, FeetFinder has a more favorable environment for sellers. The platform has been in operation for years and has a proven track record, having paid out millions of dollars to sellers. The market on FeetFinder is more balanced, offering a better chance for sellers to actually make sales and earn money.

Another point to consider is transparency. FeetFinder is open about its success, both in terms of user reviews and financial payouts to sellers. FunWithFeet lacks this level of transparency, as it doesn’t publicly share its payout history or user success stories. This makes it hard to gauge how successful one might be on the platform. Therefore, for those serious about making money from selling feet pics, FeetFinder is the more reliable option.

Is FunWithFeet Legit?

Yes, FunWithFeet appears to be a legitimate platform where sales can occur. However, its business model raises some questions about its priorities. The platform makes its revenue primarily from seller plans, as opposed to transaction fees. This suggests that FunWithFeet may not have a strong incentive to ensure that sellers actually make sales.

According to Shannon Chen’s review of FunWithFeet, this business model could also explain the imbalance between sellers and buyers on the platform. Because FunWithFeet doesn’t make money from transactions, it doesn’t seem highly motivated to attract a large pool of buyers. For sellers, this is a significant drawback; without buyers, making sales and therefore income, becomes a challenge.

In contrast, platforms like FeetFinder have a different revenue structure, which includes transaction fees. This model inherently motivates the platform to balance the number of buyers and sellers, as more transactions mean more revenue for them. It also means that FeetFinder has a vested interest in ensuring that sellers can actually make sales, which is a more sustainable and profitable scenario for everyone involved.

Does FunWithFeet Work?

No, FunWithFeet doesn’t function as effectively as it claims. Although it is possible to make sales, the odds are stacked against sellers. The platform has a far greater number of sellers compared to buyers, making it challenging for individuals to successfully sell feet pics.

Some users have even labeled FunWithFeet as a scam, accusing the platform of being more interested in collecting seller subscription fees than actually facilitating sales. The absence of transaction fees in FunWithFeet’s business model seems to support this claim, as it suggests the platform has little financial interest in ensuring successful transactions between sellers and buyers.

Comparatively, platforms like FeetFinder seem to offer a more balanced and functional marketplace. Because they earn revenue from transaction fees, they are incentivized to facilitate sales, and as a result, offer a more hospitable environment for sellers. This makes FeetFinder a more reliable alternative for those looking to successfully navigate the feet pic market.

How Much Do People Earn On FunWithFeet?

FunWithFeet doesn’t disclose any information about seller earnings, which raises concerns about its legitimacy and effectiveness. Some sellers go so far as to claim that the lack of public earning data is because the platform is a scam and not conducive to making sales.

On the other hand, FeetFinder is transparent about its financial dealings with sellers. The platform has paid out millions of dollars to its sellers over the years, highlighting its credibility and effectiveness. Some sellers on FeetFinder have even reported earning more than $20,000 in a single month.

This stark contrast in transparency and reported earnings between the two platforms can serve as a key factor in deciding where to sell feet pics. While FeetFinder’s openness about earnings can instill confidence in potential sellers, the lack of such information on FunWithFeet could be a red flag for those considering the platform.

Pros And Cons Of FunWithFeet

Pros: One of the advantages of using FunWithFeet is that the platform takes no commission on sales. This means that whatever amount a seller earns, they keep it all, which could be appealing to some.

Cons: On the downside, the platform has several significant issues. First, the competition among sellers is fierce due to an oversupply of sellers and a lack of buyers. This makes it difficult for new or even established sellers to make sales. Second, customer support is often unavailable, leaving sellers and buyers to navigate issues on their own. Additionally, the platform experiences long loading times, which can be frustrating for users who are trying to make quick transactions.

Another major con is the frequent technical glitches that prevent sellers from accessing their inbox, hindering communication with potential buyers. Lastly, the platform has been criticized for having a high number of scammers, which poses a risk to both sellers and buyers. This issue is especially concerning given the already challenging environment for making sales.

How Much Does It Cost To Join FunWithFeet?

Sellers must pay a subscription fee to join FunWithFeet, with options limited to a 3-month plan for $9.99 or a 6-month plan for $14.99. This lack of flexibility has led some sellers to speculate that FunWithFeet intentionally avoids offering monthly plans to lock in new sellers. While we can’t confirm the motive, it’s worth noting that a lack of monthly subscription options does raise red flags for many, as it deviates from the standard subscription models often seen in similar platforms.

In contrast, FeetFinder offers more flexible monthly plans. This not only gives sellers the freedom to try out the platform without a long-term commitment but also indicates that FeetFinder is confident enough in its services to allow month-to-month evaluations. Such flexibility can instill more trust in potential sellers, making FeetFinder appear as a more viable and less risky option for those looking to sell feet pics.

FunWithFeet vs. FeetFinder

We recommend FeetFinder over FunWithFeet for several reasons. First, FeetFinder has a more balanced market, providing a more favorable environment for new sellers to make sales. In contrast, FunWithFeet suffers from an imbalanced market, flooded with sellers but lacking enough buyers, making it a challenging platform for newcomers to sell feet pics.

When it comes to credibility, FeetFinder clearly outshines FunWithFeet. With over 5000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, FeetFinder has established itself as a reliable platform. FunWithFeet, on the other hand, has only 375 reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Furthermore, Trustpilot has flagged FunWithFeet for having multiple fake reviews, which were subsequently deleted, raising questions about its authenticity.

Technical glitches and poor customer service are additional concerns with FunWithFeet. Sellers often report issues like inability to access their inbox or even log into the platform. Customer support is generally unresponsive, adding another layer of difficulty for users. 

In terms of financial transparency, FeetFinder takes the lead again. The platform has paid out millions of dollars to sellers and openly shares this information, instilling confidence in its user base. FunWithFeet, however, keeps its payout data hidden, casting more doubts on its effectiveness as a selling platform.


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