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So much of media has gone virtual, but not everything is best online. Here are why print catalogs are still an important part of marketing!

8 Reasons Why Print Catalogs Are Still Useful for Marketing

Are you thinking about going towards catalog for marketing your small business or brand?

If this question resonates with you, then you need to read on to find out the reasons why print catalogs are still beneficial for marketing. It will provide you clarity that whether catalog is relevant for your small business product or brand.

Reasons or Benefits of Using Print Catalogs:

Catalog plays a great role in the discoverability of your products. It enables you to market your brand. It enables you to inspire your potential customer toward your product. Following are some of the main reasons why print catalogs are still a beneficial way of marketing:

print catalogs marketing

  • Influence the purchase intent:

Imagine somebody is aimlessly going through your catalog without any purchase intent. But one of your products catches the attention of this person. And he immediately makes an intention that he will purchase your product. These catalogs are quite dynamic that effortlessly take the attention of the target audiences.

Thus, this example shows. That printed catalog influences the purchase intent of your potential customer. So if you feel that your product will sell more through catalog printing then you can go for it. Moreover, catalogs are seen and kept much longer as compared to digital ads and other marketing ways. Thus, there are higher chances of viewing and transforming the purchase intent into an actual purchase.

  • Higher engagement and deep connection:

When you produce your product catalog dynamically with vivid images and related stories, it increases the chances that your potential customer will feel a great sense of connection with your product or brand. This deep connection and resonance will drive them you purchase your product.

Thus increasing your sales and hence, the profit. Moreover, you can also include promotions or feature particular products in your catalog. It drives a high amount of attention and makes your customer act on the call to action of the promotion or a featured product. It gets you quick sales and profits.

print catalogs marketing

  • Enables you to make the brand image:

Catalog printing enables you to articulate your brand image or values in a single catalog. It expresses or represents what your brand is about, what are your brand values and how you value customers by making them feel a part of the brand journey by conveying the little insights and stories behind the brand.

The whole catalog experiences become a bridge between the brand and the potential customers that make them connect and understand the brand image more holistically. Vivid and high-resolution images of the products enable the potential customers to imagine the quality of the product and the satisfaction of having a particular product.

Moreover, your catalog can become an element of brand recognition. It means people will start recognizing your brand through your catalog. It helps you to increase your reach more. It means you get an opportunity to penetrate your brand to new people through the word of mouth and shareability.

  • Increase Credibility and trust:

Catalog allows you to represent a consistent brand message and vision that is used across all marketing channels. It provides the customer a feeling of safety, trust, and credibility. That the brand is consistent in its brand claims and message. That shows how focused the brand is about the marketing strategies. And the overall brand. It allows the potential customer to build an immediate trust in such a brand or product.

Thus, if you want your target audience to trust you with the product then you can surely opt for catalog. Moreover, you can divert traffic to your website or social handles by putting the website link. And social handles in the catalog. It potentially persuades them to go and check other channels of communication as well to explore your brand more.

print catalogs marketing

  • Create a sense of ease and accessibility:

People like ease. Thus, the catalog provides them easy access to your product stories and features. The catalog gives them a tangible feel. And it makes it easy for them to feel safe in imagining the quality of the product. It provides them to discover new products as well that can be of help to them.

This ease and accessibility of information at hand enable them to go for the purchase decision. The sooner the decision, the sooner the increased sales and profit your brand can have. If you want your customers to get this ease and accessibility of information about your business or brand then catalog printing is relevant for you!

  • It caters to every generation:

Catalogs are not limited to any particular generational thing or way of marketing. No matter what your target audience is whether they are Millenials, Baby boomers or Gen Z. Catalogs are go-to marketing tactics as people of all ages love a direct mail kind of connection with the brand. That provides them a whole catalog to go through or make them aware of the brand on a personal level. They feel valued as potential customers.

  • Creative expression:

Catalog printing enables you to provide your potential customer with a complete creative and dynamic catalog directly to their address. The whole catalog represents the creative expression of the brand. It shows the professionalism and creativity of the brand. It makes the customer feel valued and they become brand loyal as they know about the brand inside out.

print catalogs marketing

  • Selling many products:

There are higher chances. That is when potential customers go through your catalog. They will likely purchase two or more products, hence, higher the sales and higher the profits.


Thus, these are some main reasons why print catalogs are still beneficial for marketing your brand or business. It makes you attract your target audience in a creative and dynamic way. Your catalog perfectly depicts your brand’s vision and values.

Audiences feel more connected with the brand. As they can witness your range of products in one curated thing called a catalog. So if you find this article useful. And you think a catalog is for you, then go for it and start building a strong brand and business.

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