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If you're like most of us, then you likely gained some weight over the pandemic and recent holidays. No worries, find out effective ways to lose weight.

Fight The Pressure of Pandemic Pounds With These Simple Solutions

COVID 19 has taken on a new meaning for some.  The “19” is often used to describe the number of pounds gained during the lockdown.  Just as restrictions were slightly lifting and people were becoming more active, then came the holidays which presented its challenges to those who have copious weight loss goals.  With people across the world taking the time to enjoy everything from decorated Christmas cookies to the scrumptious turkey sides, it was hard to say no to the extra super-sized calories that awaited on those festive plates. But now that the food fog is starting to lift, many are now wondering if their holiday food activities added on to any pervious pandemic pounds they were already fighting with.

Households across the world have been impacted hugely by the pandemic, especially in the area of health and fitness. When gyms and activities closed, many struggled to maintain their healthy lifestyle and weight.  An overwhelming 61% of Americans admit to gaining undesired weight during the pandemic. The sedentary lifestyle became the norm in conjunction with eating out of boredom. Now combine that with this beautiful season upon us. People can gain upwards of 5 pounds easily during the holidays.  

But there is hope on the horizon and that brings some much needed relief to the weight gaining epidemic through an App called Paid Workout. This highly motivating innovation is helping Americans transform their bodies and minds in a fun way.  While the pandemic presented the mundane, Paid Workout is presenting a fresh perspective and changing the game in the world of fitness.  It’s giving people motivation by paying them to workout.  With the ability to join various challenges, it’s giving incentive to caring for the body.  Imagine being able to win “holiday cold hard cash” as you take control of your health and get ahead of the predicted weight gain this season. 

With over 25,000 users, Paid Workout is holding lots accountable and helping them stay active.  For example, Crystal is a happy participant who lost 40 lbs during one of the challenges offered by the App.  The confidence she gained prompted her to go back to school in an effort to better provide for her children.  To add to the phenomenal transformations is a runner and avid user of the App named Jeff.  With the pre/post workout training offered by Paid Workout, he was able to sharpen his athletic skills and break his running record. Here are a few tips to help you achieve success this season like that of Crystal and Jeff.

Just like you can carry the Paid Workout App with you everywhere, it is a great idea to put a pair of workout shoes and clothes in the trunk of your car.  Along with holiday parties is the joy of spending time sitting with friends and family.  Take a moment to move by taking a 20 to 30 minute walk outside while admiring the Christmas lights and decorations.  Be sure to bring a friend.

Another tip is to take healthier dishes to a party.  Most likely, there will be countless desserts.  Having a dish that you can help to provide a healthier balance is the way to go. If it’s healthy and tastes good, you’ll be the talk of the table.  

The third tip and one that many will find rewarding not just for their waist but for their wallets.  That’s taking the time to download an app such as Paid Workout.  It will help to keep you accountable to your goals with caring coaches and a community of healthy competition.  All desiring to stay fit, make extra cash, and have fun doing it. 

With Paid Workout motivating people to workout at home, stay more active with mini workouts, and make cash, the holiday weight gain may be able to be kept at bay.  The way that it encourages participation is unlike any app on the market.  Trending to have over 100,000 users by Q1 2022, it’s proving to be the solution that many are looking forward to during this holiday season and beyond.  To download the App and get a head start on your fitness goals for 2022, click here.

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