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The trial of O.J. Simpson is one of the most infamous trials in criminal justice history and still remains a topic of interest today. Here's why. Read more
The story of Whitney Houston’s sudden death seems like an open and shut case. Or is it? Here's everything we know about the death of Whitney Houston. Read more
The Oklahoma City bombing is one of the deadliest act of domestic terror on United States soil. Here's how Terry Nichols was involved in the tragedy. Read more
Anyone familiar with Italian history knows the protest folk song “Bella Ciao”. Here's why we love 'Money Heist' and "Bella Ciao". Read more
Joe Exotic has been driving us all insane through 'Tiger King' and the water cooler chat the show has inspired. Here's Joe Exotic's best quotes. Read more
Netflix’s latest binging addiction 'Tiger King' has brought a lot of strange topics to light. Does 'Tiger King' glorify animal cruelty? Let's find out. Read more
If you’re curious, but unsure if you want to watch Netflix’s 'Tiger King', then here is a beginner guide to help you out. Read more
Here are our top five songs from Spanish Netflix series 'Money Heist' soundtrack that will make you laugh, cry and dance through this incredible story. Read more
Even if you’ve paid the barest attention to the news, you’ve probably heard of El Chapo. Here's the story involving his son, wife, and capture. Read more
With the world around us going crazy, Netflix really lucked out releasing 'Tiger King' during quarantine. Here's what we know about the new episode. Read more
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