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Taking the name of the famous actor, Charles Bronson has been raising hell as a prisoner in UK's prison system for over 40 years. Read more
If you’re bored out of your mind playing solitaire online, here's the best games on Google to entertain you during quarantine. Read more
Joe Exotic, the subject of Netflix's 'Tiger King' docuseries is in self-isolation after possibly contracting coronavirus in prison. Here's what we know. Read more
Cannibal Robert Maudsley is best known for killing four men, three of which he did while in prison. Here's more about the cannibal killer. Read more
Need something to chase away the sequestration blues? Here are some funny cat memes to help get you through quarantine. Read more
At some point, this will all be over, and we’ll get a break from the madness that is Coronavirus. Here's some relatable and hilarious COVID-19 memes. Read more
If you need to kill time, solitaire is the easiest way to do so. Here's how you can play free games of solitaire while social distancing. Read more
“Jolly” Jane Toppan was an American serial killer who used her nursing profession as cover for her poisoning sprees. Here's what we know. Read more
So it’s time for a new medication. By new medication, we mean more quarantine memes. Here's some top tier coronavirus memes to brighten your day. Read more
Cannibalism is one of the greatest taboos known to mankind. Here's all the craziest murderous female cannibals that actually existed! Read more
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