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Stephen Port seemed like your normal Grindr date, but he's anything but. Read more about how the British man murdered four men through the dating app. Read more
Nathaniel Bar-Jonah has been a terrorizing kidnapper since childhood, but managed to evade police capture and escape to another state to strike there. Read more
This is the story of how Big Lurch wound up blood-covered, naked, and stumbling in the street with his roommate's lung in his hand. Read more
An artist and anthropologist, Tobias Schneebaum spent parts of his life living with cannibals. Here's everything you need to know. Read more
Dogs! They’re adorable. They love walks, treats, and tummy rubs. Sit back, relax, and have a chuckle at some of our favorite funny dog memes. Read more
It’s hard to believe that Netflix's 'Tiger King' counts as true crime. Here's all the crimes Joe Exotic was charged and sent to jail for. Read more
Omaima Nelson, otherwise known as the “Thanksgiving Butcher", was a crafty individual. Here's everything we know about cannibal Omaima Nelson. Read more
While they’re far and few, there’s plenty of beautiful romances focused around lesbian couples. Here's some romantic lesbian movies to watch with bae. Read more
These terrifying killers definitely left their mark on pop culture. Here's the chilling tales of real-life vampire killers that inspired the movies. Read more
Are you lucky enough to be working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here's some Zoom alternatives you need to download! Read more
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