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Summer is here and we should hit the water and jump on our paddle boards. Here's a list of three paddle boards that we recommend.

Top 3 Inflatable Paddle Boards To Buy In 2022

As summer is coming, we should hit towards water and jump on our paddle boards. A paddle board that makes it possible to practice sports, relaxation, to fish and to surf. It helps you practice sports not only in sea but also in rivers and swimming pools. The stand up feature makes the paddle board more dynamic. Due to its low price, it can be bought by any non-practitioner to practice or to enjoy the sea rides.

As soon you decide to go towards sea side in summer, you have in mind to buy a good paddle board. But soon you’ll realize that there are thousands of options available in the board market and you don’t know which one to choose. All paddleboard brands show their board is perfect and easy to use but in reality you must check it yourself if you don’t want to waste your money. Or should look for trusted online website that will not let you down for their profits. We know how much it is important to have a right SUP board that fits your style. That’s why we have researched and listed top 3 best inflatable paddle boards. These boards are listed after careful analysis and research so you can go with any below.

  • Aqua Marina Fusion SUP Board

Our first selection is Aqua Marina Fusion SUP board with 10.8 feet length and 31.8 inches width. It is on top of our list because of stability, speed, and surfing balance on sea, river, lake or even on swimming pool. It’s an all rounder classic SUP board which is the 2nd biggest model in Aqua Marina Fusion series. The shape of the board is rounded from both ends front and tail which makes it good choice for medium and long surfing distances.

This Aqua Marina board model has been constructed with the latest SUP technology called “Dropstitch Light Technology”. The outer hull is made up of double layer rails and single layer dropstitch. In terms of features, it has 4 D-rings, luggage net and central carrying loop. The 4 D-rings allows you to attach kayak seat if required. Moreover, you can attach an ankle cord on the back with stainless steel D-ring. The soft deck pack lets you stand stable by preventing slipping. With all of these features, it weights only 8.6kg.

  • Blackfin X Yoga Board

If you are yoga lover and want a stable paddle board on which you can do yoga, then Blackfin X Yoga Paddle board is worth you money and time. It’s 10.6 feet long and 35 inches wide and is made up of triple layer PVC and carbon rails that makes it durable, stable, and rigid. It is a good choice board for bringing your pets on it. Due to it’s stability and space, you can perform SUP yoga without any fear of falling in different poses.

Further, it is not only one person board but a family board with soft pad deck to prevent slipping. It also allows you to take your kids or pet on it with you. The board is quite hard to bend or fold due to carbon reinforced rails but it makes it stable and sturdy. Unlike previous board, it has attachment points, so you can mount camera or fishing rack.

  • Glide Retro 10’6” SUP Board

The last one on our list is Glide Retro that is 10 feet 6 inches long and 33.5 inches wide so you can take your pet or kids on board. It has a rounded nose like front which makes it less stable than previous yoga board. But still it is best choice for the beginners and most paddlers. Moreover, it is good enough to perform short yoga but is not recommended as dedicated yoga board.

If we look at the build quality, it is constructed with ultra reinforced dropstitch that makes it dense. The company has recommended inflate it between 12 to 15 psi but it can easily go up to 25 psi. It weighs around 23 pounds that makes it easy to carry and portable. Moreover, there are 3 neoprene carry handles. The only drawback it has is less storage space that don’t allow you to gear it up. It has small 4 D-ring bungee where you can put life jacket or other similar item but not more than that.

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