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Who knew you could throw a Netflix party at home without leaving your bed? Grab your movie snacks and plan the best virtual movie binge with friends!

5 Tips To Pack A Punch In Your Netflix Party At Home

The receding pandemic spells good times ahead, but the fear of the virus still prevails. Even as clubs, party venues, and cinema halls reopen, they cannot expect foot traffic as usual. If you are a movie buff, planning Netflix parties at home still seems to be a safer bet. 

The good thing is that you can invite your gang physically rather than have virtual movie nights. Even better, you can get creative to pack a punch and make the evening exciting. Here are some ideas you can try.

netflix party at home

Invite fun people

The best place to start with party planning is your guest list. Pick fun people who want to have a good time instead of just slouching on the couch and eating popcorn.

Ensure you have like-minded people who enjoy the same movie genre as the rest on your guest list. Avoid making it a crowded event as the last thing you will want to struggle with is implementing social distancing.

netflix party at home

Pick the perfect films

Once you have your guest list done, it is time to pick the perfect films for the evening. You may want to play more than one film if an extended party is on your mind. Have your playlist ready before the guests drop in. 

You can ask for suggestions or even hold a poll with your gang to ensure everyone agrees with the choice of movies. Comedy and romance are the safest zones, though you can pick horror if everyone is comfortable with the genre.

netflix party at home

Think beyond popcorn

A Netflix night isn’t complete without popcorn, but you need to think beyond it to create a menu your guests will love. If you have cannabis-loving friends, planning a cannabis party is a good idea. Luckily, it is easy because of the legal status of cannabis in Canada. 

You can check Delicious Edibles for Sale and order them to ramp up the movie-viewing experience. But make sure that everyone has them in limit because having a good time is the ultimate thing that matters.

netflix party at home

Plan a potluck party

Apart from cannabis edibles, you must have more snacking options to keep your guests happily engaged. You can plan a potluck party to make the evening fun and exciting.

Let everyone in the gang do their bit by bringing their best recipes for the occasions. You can save time, effort, and money with a potluck, and still have a lavish menu for your Netflix night.

netflix party at home

Choose an outdoor setup

An outdoor setup is a good idea when it comes to following social distancing at your Netflix night. It makes sense if you have a small living room that can get cramped with a dozen people. Moreover, the idea of watching your favorite movie under the stars with your gang is alluring. 

You can buy or borrow a screen for the event, set up a barbecue, and ensure comfortable seating for the audience. Don’t forget to bring out some blankets if the weather gets cold.

Planning a memorable Netflix night takes more than just playing the favorite movies of your friends. Try these ideas, and everyone will have a great time!

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