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Best Time to Move (Tims, Months, Days)

So, has the decision to resettle in NYC already been made? Our congratulations! It is the beginning of a new stage of your life, and for it to be successful, you definitely need to choose the best times to move. Several factors can complicate this undertaking:

  • Your professional responsibilities constrain you,
  • You are pressed for time,
  • You have to relocate with children,
  • You have pets,
  • Your budget is tight, etc. 

Of course, there are lots of questions you have to answer. However, with the support of the trustworthy moving company in Boston, your resettlement will go off without a hitch. Here we go!

Which Season Is the Best to Move?

You can relocate in any season. But of course, you should keep your budget in mind and take stock of your preferences. Let’s do a pre-summary: 

  • Do you want to cut the costs, including those of the company services? Relocate late fall, early spring, or winter. At this time of the year, the demand is the lowest, so, for example, March and April are the cheapest months to move. You will be able to choose the best-priced offers;
  • During the summer months, the weather will help your resettlement. Moreover, real estate prices rise in summer. As a result, you can sell your house profitably and make good money. So, link your relocation plans to June, July, or August. Even moving from Boston to New York can be cheaper in these months. 

Long distances are always associated with a lot of stress. Many professionals advise choosing spring as the best time of the year to move for this reason. It is the optimal ratio of weather conditions and prices for professional resettlement services.

The Best Months to Move

Many people prefer to relocate in summer and spring — and this makes sense. Most families do not want to pull their children out of the educational process. Besides, summer and spring are hot times for college students, as they are actively preparing for their studies. Additionally, with the beginning of autumn comes the height of the lease conclusion in Boston. So, wait until this torrid season is over: then, the best months to move in NYC are from October to April — prices for housing and resettlement services will decrease. 

  • If you want to save some money, focus on January and February. During these months, you’ll enjoy the most reasonable housing and moving services prices.
  • If you want to relocate comfortably and are ready to spend money on it, choose June — the weather isn’t suffocating in NYC yet.

Best Week, Best Week Days & Best Time of the Day to Move

As we noted above, every detail is essential when changing places of residence. Therefore, when choosing the best times to move, pay attention to the following aspects: 

  • The 2nd and 3rd weeks of the month are often recognized as the best for resettlement. At this time, the demand for moving services falls, and prices fall with it. Also, many people prefer to sign lease agreements at the beginning of the month, so you can save some cash;
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to move. Remember that on weekends, prices for all services go up. It is especially valid for long-distance relocation services. So, here is our tip: if you’re relocating from Boston to New York, avoid weekends. Also, remember that Tuesday is the best day of the week to move wherever you go;
  • The optimal time is anything between 9 and 11 a.m. At this time, it is recommended to transport the bulkiest things and furniture, leaving clothes and little things in the end. 

Be sure to consider our recommendations when planning your move. The Octopus Moving Company has successfully relocated thousands of families and, based on their experience, offers excellent service and optimal prices for you. 

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