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Need to get your ink fix, but don't have time to run to the tattoo shop? Throw on one of these movies about tattoos and gush over the gorgeous artwork!

6 Movies That Will Interest Tattoo Lovers

At the moment, tattooing has penetrated so much into human life that it can be placed on a pedestal of art along with painting. We did not even notice how quite recently, a sense of alienation has replaced curiosity, and sometimes envy.

Tattoos and tattoo shops have become almost an integral part of modern society. Now they, like familiar accessories like bags or sunglasses, distinguish a person and tell about his personality, individuality.

The Red Dragon

According to the plot, the maniac identifies himself with the Red Dragon, a demon, a supreme being, and his obsession grows with each scene. The drawing is masterfully executed, and during the film you will more than once appreciate the efforts of make-up artists and artists.

American History X

This story is about the life period of one of the leaders of a neo-Nazi gang in Los Angeles. A brutal realistic picture explores the psychology of nationalism, its influence on the minds of young people, and the essence of violence.

The girl with the dragon tattoo

Despite the title taken from the book’s original, the tattoo has little to do with what is happening in the film (if you exclude inferences based on psychology, of course), but this does not spoil the movie at all.

It will plot around a girl, in fact, with a dragon tattoo – a brilliant programmer-hacker (Rooney Mara) and her companion – a journalist who is cooler than the stars Daniel Craig.

Based on the acclaimed novel, the film benefits from an interesting and thoughtful book plot and guidance from great director David Fincher. As a result, we get a really strong picture that does not have its own unique style.


We advise you not to confuse a young intellectual with a Soviet film about rapists. Takeshi Kitano is known to everyone as a director who makes films about the Japanese Yakuza mafia. 

Almost all of his paintings are almost identical to real life. They reveal the most secret aspects of life outside the law, hidden from the ordinary island people, which is why Takeshi Kitano has various rumors about his close ties to the Japanese underworld.

This work clearly shows the entire life of a mafia family hidden from the eyes of ordinary people: the number of its traditions, reveals its personality, speaks of friendship and betrayal, and numerous human vices. The film features wild Japanese grimaces, sharp blows, streams of blood, loud gunfire and long journeys in expensive Japanese cars of famous brands.

The curious case of Benjamin Button

A famous dramatic biography about the life and death of a fictional man named Benjamin Button, played by Hollywood handsome Brad Pitt. 

The film, based on the story of the same name by Francis Fitzgerald, originates from birth with all the inherent elements of old age (arthritis, wrinkles, etc.). Throughout the plot, to the surprise of the people around him, he does not age, but on the contrary, he is getting younger.

The tattoos in this work are only indirectly related to the main plot.


An adventure drama in which the viewer’s attention is directed to the Indian tribes living in the Yucatan territory. This film is a detailed description of the life and habits of a clan, half wildly living in the jungle. The plot is based on his captivity and destruction by a more developed tribe, which frightens with animal cruelty and a bloodthirsty culture tied to human sacrifice.

Tattoos and piercings are associated with the culture of the Indian tribes. For more than two hours, tattooed backs, arms, torsos, faces pierced with numerous needles and rings, as well as other attributes (modifications) of the inhabitants of Yucatan of the late 15th century, appear on the screen. For tattoo lovers, the film will be interesting from a cultural and historical point of view.

You can talk endlessly about tattoos in the movies, friends. I tried to choose for you the most striking, in my opinion, pictures that analyze and reveal the versatility of the art of tattooing. Each of these films reveals art or history in its own way and shows not only their artistic value, but also their semantic and social significance.

Happy viewing!

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