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Many refer to Mleiha as a time machine because it is home to centuries of history. Dive into the details of this incredible historic site.

Everything You Need To Know About The Mleiha Time Machine

Mleiha has an ahistorical feel to it because of its surroundings as it is situated in the midst of a vast desert. Also, there have been several discoveries made in regards to fossils in the desert. Moreover, to top it all, Mleiha has an archaeological centre which takes you back in the times of three prominent periods of mankind history. 

Therefore, it is often said to be the time machine through which you can see various classic periods that marks the beginning of human civilization. So, without wasting any more time, let’s find out what makes Mleiha so unique and historical in nature.

Mleiha- A Land Of Adventure And History

Mleiha is a perfect blend of thrill and excitement to satisfy the undying craving of any traveller. It is not a surprise to anyone that people who love to travel and explore new things have an unsatisfied appetite for an adventure that excites them to the core. 

This craving is often satisfied when they explore the region of Mleiha as it offers you a vast history of humankind along with explored and unexplored adventures of the Mleiha desert. 

For instance, if you want to explore the sands and find some fossils, then you can go on a dune buggy adventure or try cycling. However, if you want to gain knowledge about history, then you can visit the so-called time machine of Mleiha, the Archeological Center of Mleiha. 

Moreover, if you only seek fun and thrill, then you can simply wander into the desert and enjoy the sunset view in the evening. Finally, after everything, you can mark the end of your day by setting camps in the desert for gazing at stars at night. 

Travel Back In Time While Exploring Mleiha

Mleiha has various artifacts that are very helpful in studying the Palaeolithic period, Bronze Age period and the Pre-Islamic period. The six tombs from the Bronze Age period that have passed the test of time are very significant for people who are interested in history. 

Moreover, there are various fossils that were found and are from the time of the pre-Islamic period. All these discoveries are very crucial for the history of the UAE. Furthermore, these discoveries and artifacts from different timelines of different periods are the reason why Mleiha is popularly known for travelling back in time.   

Some Exciting Activities In Mleiha

For thrill-seekers, there is a wide range of activities in the desert of Mleiha. You can certainly try these activities out to kick out the boredom from you. 

Desert Cycling

You can explore the vastly situated desert and embark on the journey of exploring the desert. There are fat-tyred cycles available for such endeavours. While being on this exploring journey, you will witness incredible wildlife in the desert, which includes animals such as camels and reptiles. 

Horse Riding

Apart from cycling, it also offers horseback riding for travellers. Moreover, there are three types of rides for people who are experienced or not experienced in this arena. The categories include Novice Riders, First Time Riders and Experienced Riders. 

Explore The Thrill Of Dune Buggy Adventure

Dune Buggy ride is definitely the most adventurous one as you will be riding on the dunes of the desert. Also, in an hour, you will reach the top of Fossil Rock which is worth exploring as you can enjoy the view from above. 

End Your Day With The Alluring Sunset View

After a thrilling day, you can treat yourself in the sunset lounge. However, you will require to book it beforehand. Also, you can go on a trek on the mountain from there, and at night you can enjoy the BBQ dinner under a starry night. 

Night Camping With Star Gazing

Night camping is the most cost-effective and yet fulfilling experience with your loved ones. You can set your cramps at night as nights are mostly peaceful and cool. Therefore, staying in camps is not a bad idea. Moreover, after setting your camps, you can lay on the sand and gaze at the sky full of millions of stars.  


The impeccable landscape of the desert in Mleiha itself gives a historical vibe. Moreover, on top of that, you have a whole archaeological centre to explore, which has a wide variety of artefacts. 

Furthermore, you can do some exploring of your own by going into the midst of the desert. Thus, Mleiha is certainly an adventure-packed place that is worth exploring for the sake of history. 


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