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When you are learning the language on your own without a teacher it's tough. Let’s observe what can help you become the master of the Albanian language.

Learning Albanian – Five Tips You Should Definitely Use

When you are learning the language on your own without a teacher, it becomes a more difficult task. A teacher has a system and all materials necessary to master the most important skills: reading, speaking, writing, and listening. In this case, you focus only on performing your best in lessons and completing the homework. 

But if you decide to learn Albanian by yourself, you are likely searching for valuable resources to help you develop your knacks. Let’s observe what can help you become the master of the Albanian language.

Five Tips to Learn the Albanian Language Faster

#1 Watch the native Albanian TV

One of the most effective ways to develop listening skills and dive deeper into the culture of the country in question is to watch its native television. In Albanian, it is called TV shqiptare

You may feel surprised, but with modern technological advancements, it is possible to watch Albanian television in any European country. For example, the NimiTV service streams shqip TV and many channels from around the world. American and Canadian users have an alternative: the TVALB platform. These services offer you to watch the main Albanian TV programs, shows, movies, or news. 

It is a great opportunity to listen to a live talk and learn the peculiarities of pronunciation and outlook. Moreover, you will familiarize yourself with native speech and learn vocabulary in the context. 

Furthermore, you have fun since you can find a show or program according to your interests. 

#2 Listen to Albanian music and radio 

When you don’t have time to watch videos, you can listen to music and radio on the go. It is an alternative to television since you get access to music and radio when you are on a bus or in a cafe through applications. 

Luckily, the NimiTV and TVALB services offer a plethora of original content. It delivers not only Albanian TV channels but also radio services and channels from around the world. 

#3 Use Duolingo alternatives to learn Albanian

Unfortunately, Duolingo doesn’t offer the Albanian language for learning. But there are alternatives just as good. For example, you can opt for Ling to take advantage of its gamified lessons, where you can practice reading, speaking, and writing. Ling offers mini-games, a built-in chatbot, and courses for various levels.

Another language-learning service is Pimsleur. Its training is based on the Pimsleur method, which is about listening and speaking. The app creators promise that you will move from not knowing a language to speaking at an intermediate level in thirty days. 

Such applications are convenient since they allow you to practice the desired language anywhere on your mobile device.

#4 Communicate in Albanian

Communication is an essential part of learning a language. It helps you develop your speaking and listening skills. You can get involved in online communities where people discuss particular topics, such as movies or sports events. Another option is to find a native speaker on platforms such as 

Chatting and voice speaking help you master your writing and speaking skills. Moreover, you learn to understand and use the vocabulary in context. You also might be taught slang language or idioms. That will enrich your vocabulary. 

#5 Don’t be overly harsh on yourself

Sometimes you will definitely notice your progress, but there might be days, weeks, or even months when you feel stuck. It happens to all learners. Many of them tend to say that they will never complete studying and give up. 

But we recommend you continue doing what you do. At some point, you will feel that you are better than you think you are due to a cumulative effect. 

Furthermore, studying language is a never-ending process. There will always be something new to learn.

Final Thoughts

Remember that learning a language is a process. You will always find something new to learn, which is exciting. 

Use the learning methods that suit you best, but think about combining several, as they can lead you to success faster.   

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