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Translation services are invaluable tools to ensuring that your events are accessible for everyone. Here's why and how you can access them.

Event interpretation: Translation services can make your event efficacious

Translation services are invaluable tools to ensuring that your events are accessible for everyone and can be understood by attendees that might not be fluent English speakers. 

Your event planning and event management will likely acquaint you with translation services, but it is important that you know which is the best type of translation service to hire for your specific event. 

Interpreters are essential for bridging language barriers at events, and there four different types of interpretation for you to choose from. The type of interpretation that you select will dependent upon factors such as the type of event that you are hosting, and how many attendees require the given translation. 

Below are four different types of live interpretation services for your event that it will be useful to know about in your event planning and event management.

Live interpretation services for your event 

Live interpretation services are the best option for your event translation; here are 4 types of interpretation services that will be available to you:

Simultaneous interpretation services for events

As the name ‘simultaneous’ dictates, simultaneous interpretation occurs whilst the event speaker is talking. This means that simultaneous interpretation is operated on a real-time basis. Despite there being a small delay between the speaker and interpreter, this is worthwhile as it allows the interpreter to process what the speaker is saying and provide an accurate interpretation. 

Simultaneous interpretation is largely reliant upon accuracy and speed. The interpreters are not simply paraphrasing what the event speaker is saying, but actually repeating what they are saying word for word. This means that the interpreter must have the capacity to hear what the event speaker is saying and process it in the same moment. 

At an event such as a conference, the speaker will likely be speaking at a fairly fast pace, often with few gaps, so it is a simultaneous interpreter’s job to decipher what is being said quickly and offer a seamless translation to those at your event that require it. 

Simultaneous interpretation is a popular choice for large-scale events such as conferences. Simultaneous interpreters often occupy booths in front of the speakers at these events so that they have the opportunity to pick up non-verbal cues from the speakers. 

The interpretation that is made by simultaneous interpreters is then broadcast in an array of languages to your attendees that require it. This is achieved via microphone, transmitting to the headphones that your attendees have the option of wearing. 

Simultaneous interpreters are precise and attentive due to their narrow margin for error – if they miss a small detail that the speaker says then so do all the guest attendees who are relying on their interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation services for events 

If it is accuracy that you are prioritising in your event translation, then consecutive interpretation might be the best option for your event. 

Consecutive interpretation works by the speaker pausing and waiting for the interpreter to deliver the translation. The pauses appear either at the end of a sentence or paragraph and it is here that the consecutive interpreter translates into the second language. This is an ongoing process throughout the speech of the speaker. 

Due to the stop and start nature of this translation, this live interpretation service works best on a smaller scale than a conference. You might be running an interview event, or a small-scale event, in which case consecutive interpretation would be perfect!

Consecutive interpretation relies on the consecutive interpreter to remember chunks of information at a time, hold this information and then translate it.  

Consecutive interpretation is a common translation option for legal proceedings because it is so accurate due to the back and forth nature of the correspondence. 

Phone interpretation services for events

Phone interpretation is another form of live interpretation, but conducted over a telephone; phone interpretation is actually very similar to consecutive interpretation. Due to the nature of all parties communicating over the phone for this translation, this form of interpretation will only be suitable for events conducted online. 

Simultaneous interpretation, as described above, does not really work for phone interpretation as the interpreter cannot access non-verbal cues. Once the speaker of the event says something, the interpreter translates the speech for the listeners. 

Phone interpretation services can be used for events that are conducted online, or in meetings where the different members involved are in different locations. 

Whisper interpretation services for events

Whisper interpretation services for events are a good option if there is only one or two attendees that requires the translation. 

Whisper interpretation works in the same way as simultaneous interpretation except there is no equipment used. For instance, the interpreters do not sit themselves in booths, and no microphones or headsets are required. Instead of this, the interpreter conducts a translation of what the speaker is saying and whispers it to the listener there and then. To facilitate this, the interpreter will either be seated adjacent to, or immediately behind, the listener.

Whispering is the chosen form of communication here so that the listener and other attendees at the event are not distracted. However, whisper interpretation might not be possible at particularly busy events because the listener obviously needs to be able to hear what the interpreter is whispering. 

Hopefully this guide to the translation services that are on offer will help guide you in your event planning and allow you to know which to opt for as an interpretation open at your event.

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