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Latex for Less is an online mattress company founded in 2014. In this review, we'll focus on Latex for Less mattress, the only mattress made by the company.

Latex For Less Reviews – Your Buyer’s Guide!

Latex for Less is an online mattress company founded in 2014. From the brand’s name, the company is focused on making products using natural latex. In this Latex for Less review, our focus will be on Latex for Less mattress, the only mattress made by the company.

The two sides of both Latex models for less mattress come with different levels of firmness and flippable feature.It is up to you to choose between the two profiles of firmness you want to use. It comes in 7 and 9-inch options, both of which are considered lesser than average profiles.

Unlike some Latex for Less Reddit reviews, our Latex for Less Mattress review features everything you need to know to help you decide on buying the Latex for less mattress. We will take you through a detailed look at the materials, the structure of the mattress, the recent prices of its different sizes, its performance ratings as well as look at certain facts supporting sleeping on latex in the Latex for Less Vs sleep on latex argument from actual user experiences in no particular order. We will also look at the mattress warranty, policies, shipping, and return.


Materials and construction

The medium surface of theLatex for Less 9 inch natural latex mattress is made with a Talalay latex comfort layer. This side of a mattress has a comfortable medium feel which is the same as a score of 5 on a firmnessscale of 1 to 10.

The opposite side of a mattress is made with Dunlop latex and features a score of 7 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10. Because of the flippable feature of this mattress,any of the comfort layers of the mattress can function as the support core of the bed when the other side is facing up and is being used. Both sides of the mattress come with anextra layer of padding made of layers of natural wool. The whole of the mattress is then covered with organic cotton, recognized by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). You can read more reviews on Reddit Latex for Less.


The 7-inch version is a little different. Both sleeping surfaces of this model are made with one layer of Dunlop latex. The result is that one side of the mattress has a medium feel with a score of 5, while the other side has a firm feel with a 7.Because of the shorter profile of the 7-inch Latex for Less mattress feels a little firmer on both sleeping sides compared to the 9-inch model. The 7-inch version also features padding layers made with natural wool on both sides and an organic cotton cover recognized by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Both the 7-inch and 9-inch models are considered low-profile mattresses because they measure less than 10 inches thick. There are no customization options aside from the two available profiles.

A summary of the construction for both models of the latex for less mattresses includes the following

Cover Material

  • GOTS-certified organic cotton

Comfort Layer

  • 0.5″ of natural wool batting
  • 2″ of natural Talalay latex (9″ model)
  • 0.5″ natural wool batting
  • Supporting Core:
  • 6″ natural Dunlop latex

Latex for LessMattressprofile

Mattress Type

  • Latex

Firmness level

  • Firm
People that Mattress for Less is ok ideal for People that Latex for Less isn’t ideal for 
Sleepers that like a responsive but comfortable feeling of a latex bed If you prefer a hybrid mattress
Sleepers that like sleeping in any position If you weigh more than 250 pounds
If you love sleeping on a low-profile mattress
If you always feel hot when sleepers
If you are looking for value for your money
Parents that want a comfortable bed for their kid


Before going for Latex for Less mattresses it is important to know that:

  • Delivery is only possible in the US
  • If you are buying your Latex for Less from a third-party retailer instead of getting it from the company, then you may not get the 120-night sleep trial benefit of buying directly from the company. Read the reviews on Amazon
  • One of the requirements for the brand to accept a returned Mattress for Less bed is to re-box it for shipping. The company will send a curbside pick to get the mattress. Learn more in from reading this review


Other Companies Offering Similar Products

Many companies in the United States offers American make the switch from conventional mattress to latex mattresses. Other companies that provide alternative products to Latex for Less mattresses include:

Spindle Mattress

The spindle organic latex mattress 1is made from totally organic materials. Just like other latex mattresses, it reduces the impact of the main pressure points on the body without sinking too much.

Inside of a mattress is made of trillions of Dunlop natural Latex, which is denser and firmer than Talalay latex. The natural cotton cover certified by GOTS is quilted with natural wool.You can more info here This enables it to be heat resistant and maintain adequate temperature control throughout the night. The summary of the average prices of spindle mattresses include:

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 38”x 75” 10” $1,600
Twin XL 38”x 80” 10” $1,600
Full 54” x 75” 10” $2,300
Queen 60” x 80” 10” $2,500
King 76” x 80” 10” $3,000

Sleep EZ Latex Mattress

Sleep EX has been in the latex mattress-making business for a long time now. The company focuses on mattresses made from completely pure latex, and it could be organic or entirely natural. One of the best things about Sleep EZ is that it has been making latex mattress since the 90s, so they have a proven track record of making safe mattresses for both families and individuals. They have several products with competitive prices.Here you can read about Latex for Less VS Sleep EZ Latex. 

A summary of the average prices of Mattresses from Sleep EZ Latex Mattress include

Twin 38” x 74” x 9” $1,150
Twin XL 38” x 80” x 9” $1,150
Full 53” x 74” x 9” $1,295
Queen 60” x 80” x 9” $1,395
King 76” x 80” x 9” $1,695
California King 72” x 84” x 9” $1,695

Lattex Mattress Factory

Latex Mattress Factory is one of the best latex mattress companies with many years of providing excellent and high-quality mattresses. The company’s mattresses are designed to help relieve back pain, pressure relief, cooling, and comfort.

The prices for Latex Mattress Factory range from $700 to $1,600.

Why Choose Latex for Less Mattress?

If you are someone thatprefers sleeping on mattresses with incredibly low profiles, then the 7-inch mattress is perfect for you.Some sleepers prefer mattresses with lower profiles. This group of people usually consists of adults who weigh less than 130 pounds and children. Both sides of this model have almost the same feel of firmness, making it difficult to tell the sides apart.

On the other hand, a 9-inch mattress is perfect if you prefer a little thicker mattress. However, this model of mattress is still regarded as a low-profile bed. Only that the two extra inches provide you with extra padding and additional support for people weighing 130 pounds or more, you can also tell the difference between the medium and firmfeel of both sides of the bed.

Mattress Prices and Sizing

You can get mattresses at a lower price by buying directly fromLatex for less. For instance, you can get the queen-size mattress of the 7-inch model for $1399. Most of the time, buying from a third-party means paying more, and at other times, you might even get it for less. Latex for Less mattresses is cheaper than other latex beds, which usually have an average price between $1600 to $2200 for queen-sized beds. 

You won’t have to pay any money for ground shipping when you buy directly from Latex for Less. If you choose to return the bed before trying it out for 30 nights, you will have to pay a $99. However, you are not charged any fee when you return the mattress within the 120-night trial period.

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 38” x 75” 7” or 9” 60-70 lbs. $1,249-$1,299
Twin XL 38”x 80” 7” or 9” 67-75 lbs. $1,249-$1,299
Full 54” x 75” 7” or 9” 88-118 lbs. $1,499-$1,549
Queen 60” x 80” 7” or 9” 103-132 lbs. $1,499-$1,549
King 76” x 80” 7” or 9” 132-156 lbs. $1,749-$2,049
California King 72” x 84” 7” or 9” 134-157 lbs. $1,749-$2,049
Split King 38” x 80” (2pc.) 7” or 9” 132-156 lbs. $1,898-$2,049

Motion Performance

When it comes to motion performance, the 9-inch Latex for Less mattress fares better when compared to the 7-inch model. However, both bed modelsare great for absorbing and Isolating motion and movement. Although the motion performance has just an average score, the bed isn’t as springy or bouncy as other brands. 

As you probably already guessed, the 9-inch model is ideal for couples. On the other hand, the 7-inch model isn’t really great for couples as it is more prone to bottoming out, so it is advisable only for single sleepers. 

If you are a light sleeper and easily wake when your partner moves due to noise from the mattress, then Latex for Less is a great option because it is quiet to move. In addition to its ability to isolate motion, this feature makes it great for couples. 

Pressure Relief

The 7-inch model of Latex for Less Mattress doesnot compress closely on both sides. Althoughthe surface with medium firmness contours more than the other, both sides are still fairly firm. This model might not be the best for side sleepers since it is not effective in alleviating pressure. It might also not be enough to alleviate pressure for people weighing below 139 pounds and people who like closely conforming beds. 

You can tell the difference between both sides of the 9-inch model. The medium size is plusher than the other side, offering better pressure relief for people who love sleeping on their sides and those who don’t weigh more than 130 pounds. The opposite firmer side is ideal for stomach and back sleepers weighing 130 pounds or more. The bed doesn’t sink so much at the waist and torso when these groups of people lie on the bed because of the reducedpressure. 

Temperature control

Both models of Latex for less mattresses are effective in maintaining proper temperature control. This is possible thanks to the quality materials used in making these beds. Latex for Less Mattresses has tiny holes that allow for ventilation to enable airflow through the interior. This helps in keeping the bed cool and comfortable. The wool batting layer also plays an important role in maintaining temperature, and it is effective in absorbing moisture from the body. The natural cotton cover also plays an important role in maintaining a cold temperature. Both the 7-inch and the 9-inch modelsare excellent alternatives for Sleepers that experience heat or feel hot when sleeping on foam mattresses. Unlike ventilated latex that enables adequate air movement within the bed’s interior. Solid lattice and foam bedsabsorb and retain body heat.

Edge Support

Despite the low profile of the 7-inch Latex for LessMattress, it offers effective edge support. Comparable to another mattress, it is better and stronger. 

The 9-inch model offers even better and stronger edge support than the 7-inch model. The medium size of the 9-inch model is a little compressible, so you will still feel a little sinkage on that side compared to the other side. However, there are absolutely no issues in edge support in the 9-inch model. 

Ease of Movement

The usual story with mattresses constructed with foam comfort layers is that they often sink a little making it difficult to move across the bed. On the other hand, latex has a more responsive feel, making it springier.Although you will still experience little sinkage as you move across thebed, you will notice that it responds by bouncing back, making movement easier and more comfortable.

Both models of Latex for Less are designed to be responsive, enabling easier movement. Although moving across the bed might still be difficult for people weighing more than 230 pounds because their weight causes the mattress to sink more. 


When it comes to sex, every couple has their preferences for beds, but most couples like beds that conform a little and are more responsive to the body. The medium surface of the 9-inch model of Latex for Less is perfect for such couples. The surface allows adequate traction because it contours a little. The good edge support, in addition to excellent responsiveness, allows couples to move easily on the entire surface of the bed. 

The surface of the 9-inch model, on the other hand, does not Conform so easily. Although couples willexperience more responsiveness and better edge support, there will be less traction. This also applies to both sides of the 7-inch model. If you’re part ofthe group of couples that like their bed to conform less, then you can go for any of these surfaces. If you prefer a deep contour, on the other hand, then you should use the medium surface of the 9-inch model.


After unboxing, most mattresses give off some kind of odor. This is more in beds with foam layers which gives off stronger and more consistent off-gassing odors.Latex mattresses don’t give off as much odor. The smell of latex beds dissipates quicker than foam mattresses. 

The 7-inch and 9-inc Latex for Less Mattresshave ventilated layers that support good air circulation. This means that air moves freely between the layers allowing themattressto air out faster anddissipate any foul smell after a while. To get faster results, place your unboxed bed in a properly ventilated room for a few days before using it.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Latex for Less – 7-inch

Side Sleepers

Even though the medium surface of the 7-inch model of Latex for Less is softer than theopposite side, both sides only conform very little. This means that this model might not be the best for a side sleeper weighing below 130 pounds. This group of people often need mattresses that conform more and are plusher to cushion the hips and shoulder to ensure that the spine is aligned. This also helps to cushion pressure points. 

This model is not the best for sidesleepers weighing 130pounds, especially those in the range of 230 pounds or more. This is because the mattress often bottoms out when these people sleep on this mattress model.

Back Sleepers

The pressure points for back sleepers are their waist and torso, both of which need more support. These body regions usually carry more weight compared to other areas when lying on the back.Both surfaces of the 7-inch models provide enough support for back sleepers weighing below 230 pounds. However, they may experience less sagging with the firm surface.

This model is not advisable for back sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds since the bed sags more under their weight. The 9-inch model, on the other hand, should be better for back sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds. 

Stomach Sleepers

Generally, stomach sleepers will need increased support between their hips and shoulders. This ensures that their bodies don’t sink when they are lying on the mattress. The 7-inch model of Latex for Less Mattress offers just enough support for stomach sleepers weighing below 130 pounds as it doesn’t sag so much.

The 7-inch model is less comfortable for stomach sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds because the mattress bottoms out. This mattress model sinks too much around the hips and stomach for stomach sleepers.

Latex for Less – 9-inch

Side Sleepers

Unlike the 7-inch model of Latex for Less Mattress, the surfaces of the 9-inch model feature a different distinct feel. 

The medium surface of the 9-inch model offers an adequate cushioning effect and provides enough support for side sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds. This support is just enough to keep the spinal cord aligned and reduce the pressure at the body’s pressure points. This surface has the ideal balance of responsiveness and contouring, which works well for most side sleepers. However, some side sleepers might complain that this surface is too firm or soft.

The firm surface of the 9-inch mattress provides good support for side sleepers weighing above 230 pounds. The bed provides enough cushioning effects at the shoulders and hips without sinking too much in these regions. This ensures that the spinal cord is properly aligned and reduces the total pressure on the body.This surface might also be too firm for side sleepers weighing less than 130pounds. This means they will experience more pressure on their shoulders and hips. 

Side sleepers who weigh 130 pounds or less will probably find this side too firm and may experience added pressure as a result.

Back Sleepers

The medium surface of the 9-inch model is ideal for back sleepers weighing 230 pounds. People within this weight group can rest comfortably on this surface without it conforming too much. They don’t have to worry about their waist and torso sinking so much. Back sleepers weighing above 230 pounds will surely sink into the medium surface of the 9-inch Latex for Less mattress more than they would like to. 

On the other hand, the firm part of the 9-inch model is more comfortable for back sleepers weighing more than 130. The firm side doesn’t sink as much as the other sidewhen back sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds lie on it. Back sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds might find this surface a little too firm.

Stomach sleepers 

Most stomach sleepers that weigh below 130 pounds usually use the medium surface of the 9-inch model of Latex for Less Mattress. This surface allows for sufficient support without sinking too much. This surface isn’t suitable for stomach sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds. This group of sleepers will most likely find this surface uncomfortable because it sinks too much. 

Stomach sleepers above 130 pounds are more comfortable with the firm surface of the 9-inch model. This surface offers enough support without much conforming to ensure that the surface doesn’t sag too much. This surface isn’t suitable for stomach sleepers weighing below 130 pounds because it feels too firm for them. 

Pros of Latex for Less Mattresses

  • It is constructed with organic cotton that is certified.
  • Offers adequate motion isolation
  • Great edge support despite the heavier weight

Cons of Latex for Less Mattresses

  • It only comes in two variants of firmness 
  • The thickness options are limited for different types of bed designs. 
  • It isn’t as defective in temperature control as other brands of latex mattresses.
  • The medium surface of the mattress is a little too soft
  • The firm surface doesn’t offer adequate support for people with back pain.


You can purchase Mattress for Less by visiting the company’s website or on Amazon. You can’t get the mattress through any other online platform or a brick-and-mortar retailer. Latex for Less doesn’t run any physical stores or have any showrooms. 

After purchase, the company will ship anywhere located in the lower 48 States of the United States. Shipping is not available outside the US and states in the United States like Alaska and Hawaii.


By buying a mattress directly from Latex for Less company, you qualify for the company’s free shipping. Most customers usually get their mattress in just 7 (not including weekends) days after their order.

The mattress is first compressed and then wrapped in plastic before vacuum sealed and shipped. This packaging process is referred to as roll-packing, and itenables the mattress to go into a typical shipping container. The mattress is delivered to you at your doorstep. You don’t necessarily need to be at home when it arrives, and there is no need for you to sign for it. 

After it has been delivered, take the mattress to your room. After bringing the mattress from its box, open the plastic wrapping using a knife and see as the bed expands. It should get to its original shape and size after 48 hours. 

Additional services

The company can only provide the usual ground shipping.So this means they don’t offerother shipping or delivery services like White Glove delivery which removes old mattresses andexpedited shipping.

Sleep Trail

The sleep trial period of Latex for Less mattresses lasts for 120 nights. This also consists of a must break-in period of 30 nights. You can still decide to return the bed before it gets to 30 nights after purchase, but you would have to pay a fee of $99 to do so. You won’t have to pay any return fee for returns within the sleep trial period, and you will still get a full refund for the bed. 

If you decide to return the bed, you have to re-box the bed and keep it at the point of delivery which is probably at your doorstep for pickup. You can always contact the customer service or support team of Latex for Less if you want to learn more about this. The company will issue a full refund when it has processed the return of the mattress.

Remember that you can only get the 120-night sleep trial period by buying directly from the company. You get a 30-night sleep trial period if you buy from Amazon.


The Latex for Less mattress warranty lasts for 20 years, which is entirely non-prorated. During this period, the company will cover all costs related to repairing and even replacing your mattress if it develops any fault. However, the shipping, transportation, and inspection fees are on you. 

Any sagging or body impressions on the surface of the mattress that measures a minimum of 1.5-inch deep are covered by the warranty. The warranty doesn’t cover other defects like wear and tear and other damages due to abuse or misuse. 

What is the best latex mattress on the market? 

There is no outright overall best latex mattress in the market. The best latex mattress is subjective to preferences, but considering all the factors that make people turn to a latex mattress tour pick would be Saatva Latex Hybrid.

What are the disadvantages of latex mattresses? 

Despite the numerous benefits of sleeping on latex beds, many people still prefer traditional foam mattresses. Some of the complaints from people about latex mattresses include

Excessive Firmness

This is one of the most common complaints from people that still prefer traditional foam mattresses. However, just 10% of people that purchase latex mattresses have this complaint. It is important to check  Impression Load Deflection (ILD) data before buying. Firmer beds have higher ILD. Mattresses are usually firmer in the first few weeks.


Compression is the result of the imprint that forms when you lie on the bed. This complaint happens in about 10% of latex mattress owners, which is more than foam mattress owners. 

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