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If you're looking for a new, comfortable mattress to improve your sleep, check out our review of DreamCloud. Discover how to get a good night's sleep here.

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Review: Best DreamCloud Mattress in 2021

The Dreamcloud Mattress is a hybrid mattress which provides gentle contouring and light bouncing in an affordable price with a luxury feel. All these features in an affordable price make it the best hybrid mattress available in the market. This is the only mattress that is being offered by the company. The company also manufactures other sleep accessories like bed frames and bedding which can be purchased both separately or bundled with the Dreamcloud Mattress.

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Benefits of Dreamcloud Mattress:

Here are given the plus points or benefits provided by Dreamcloud Mattress:

Affordable price:

Dreamcloud Mattress is a luxury mattress available at an affordable price.

Nature of the Mattress:

Dreamcloud Mattress appeals to a wide range of preferences with a medium firm feel, hybrid construction and a gentle bouncing. The coils in the mattress add airflow throughout the mattress, so it is a great choice for you if you tend to sleep hot.

Couple Mattress:

For couples, the DreamCloud mattress has enough bounce and support for intimate activity. Memory foam in the comfort layers also minimizes the motion transfer and the added edge support makes it easy to get in and out of bed which increases the overall sleepable surface area.

Features of the Dreamcloud Mattress:

Firmness of the Mattress: 6 (Medium Firmness)

Mattress type: Dreamcloud mattress is a hybrid mattress.

Height of the Mattress: Dreamcloud Mattress is 15 inches high.

Price of Dreamcloud Mattress: Queen Size mattress costs $1299.

Best For:

You should choose Dreamcloud Mattress if:

  • You want to buy a luxury hybrid mattress at an affordable price.
  • You want to sleep hot.
  • You are part of a couple who wants a medium firm mattress with a gentle bounce.
  • You weigh more than 130 pounds and want a light contouring.
  • You have problems like chronic aches and pains.

Not Recommended for:

Dreamcloud Mattress is not recommended for you if you:

  • Sleep on your side.
  • Weigh less than 130 pounds.
  • Want a closely conforming mattress.
  • Would prefer to spend less than $1,000 on a queen size mattress.

How much does Dreamcloud Mattress cost?

Dreamcloud Mattress is an affordable luxury hybrid mattress which costs just $1299 for a queen size. It costs less than most of the hybrid mattresses which comes with a 365-night sleep trial. Twin sized Dreamcloud Mattress costs $799 and twin XL sized Dreamcloud Mattress costs $999. Full sized Dreamcloud Mattress costs $1199 which weighs 86 lbs. Queen sized Dreamcloud Mattress weighs 99 lbs. and costs $1299. King sized Dreamcloud Mattress costs $1499 with a weight 123 lbs. California King sized Dreamcloud Mattress has also the same price and weight.

How does it feel?

Dreamcloud Mattress is a medium firm with the pillow top having soft layers of foam that contours gently along the shape of your body. 

The first impression of Dreamcloud Mattress of how you will feel depends upon factors like weight and sleeping position. The mattress is 15 inches thick with multiple layers inside which affects how the mattress reacts to the pressure applied by your weight when you lay down on the Dreamcloud Mattress. Under the comfort layer is a high density poly foam layer which prevents sinking down into the mattress. The firm coils present in Dreamcloud Mattress provide full body support to the sleeper. The support layers provide a moderate bounce to the nature of the mattress and you will notice that the mattress returns to its original shape after you get out of the bed. As the Dreamcloud Mattress provides moderate contouring which makes sleeping on the mattress possible rather than sleeping in the mattress. The comfort layer cushions pressure points without restricting airflow or movement. 

What is Dreamcloud Mattress made of?

Making of Dreamcloud Mattress involves usage of elements of both foam and innerspring mattress which provides benefits of both while minimizing drawback from both mattresses. Here are discussed different layers of Dreamcloud Mattress:

Cover material:

The Dreamcloud Mattress’ cover is a fine quality quilted Euro top which is made with breathable polyester. The plush foam filling in the Euro top cradles the body and the bottom mattress cover helps keep the mattress in place which prevents shifting on the bed frame. The mattress cover is not removable at all.

Comfort layers:

The DreamCloud mattress has a “Contour and Comfort” layer which is made of gel-infused memory foam. This medium density foam cushions the body and relieves the pressure points on your body. As it is filled with gel, it retains less heat than traditional or casual memory foam. The foam is soft and breathable, but does not conform as closely as you can expect from a traditional memory foam comfort layer.

Transition layer:

Beneath the “Contour and Comfort” layer of Dreamcloud Mattress is a transition layer of high-density poly foam which in fact is responsive and resilient. This layer helps keep the spine aligned by reacting proportionately to the back, hips, and shoulders of your body. This layer makes it easy for you to move on the mattress while sleeping. This layer of Dreamcloud also prevents you from sinking in deeply and feeling the coils beneath the layers of Dreamcloud Mattress.

Support core:

Support in the DreamCloud mattress comes from filled innerspring coils inside the mattress. These innerspring coils provide solid support while relieving pressure from your body. This layer of Dreamcloud Mattress also allows airflow throughout the mattress and improves temperature regulation in the mattress. Since the coils are pocketed, there is less motion transmission as compared to the traditional innerspring mattresses. Higher-gauge coils around the perimeter provide stability and support to the edges of the Dreamcloud mattress. Beneath the coils is a base support layer of stabilizing polyfoam, which reduces the amount of bounce and reinforces the coils pocketed in the Dreamcloud Mattress.

Sleep trial:

Dreamcloud Mattress provides a 365 night sleep trial to its customers.


Dreamcloud Mattress provides a lifetime warranty to its customers which is applied to its original owner and is not transferable.

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