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Trying to learn a foreign language but not making much progress? Check out these top language learning apps to help you reach your fluency goals!

Top 7 Apps That Can Help You Learn A Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language today is a much more accessible experience today than it was even a few decades ago because you do not have to sit in the classroom or follow a strict schedule. 

Turning to various language-learning apps, you can plan your time by choosing what fits you best and access your lessons basically anywhere. The number of languages you can learn is also extended, which will also increase your chances of watching a favorite movie with subtitles.

Top 7 Apps That Can Help You Learn a Foreign Language 

1. DuoLingo. 

It is one of the most popular apps for learning. It approaches every subject as a game, which makes things fun. It offers over 35 languages that will please even the most demanding learners. 

While the lessons will not look overly challenging, DuoLingo uses learning methods that are scientific and good enough to let you proceed with grammar, pronunciation, and language recognition. You will also enjoy the progressive grading system and good organization features. If you are looking for the best app to learn Japanese, Duolingo isn’t the best option since it doesn’t take you through the intricacies of proper grammar.

2. Memrise. 

While it is not free like the aforementioned offerings, Memrise is still accessible and has thousands of positive reviews online. What makes it amazing is that it uses real-world conversations and phrases that instantly make sense. 

It is great for those learners who plan to travel and apply their skills right away. Still, you must consider the German translation services if you need something like opening a foreign bank account or getting your immunization documents translated when visiting Germany (or any other country). Always seek expert help for the target country that you plan to visit. 

3. HelloTalk. 

If you want to skip all the boring learning methods and learn how to talk by contacting native speakers in over 130 languages, look no further as HelloTalk offers that! The purpose here is to teach someone your language by learning with a foreign speaker. You can use audio, video stream, and text to communicate. Most importantly, it’s free!

4. Babbel. 

It focuses on dialogues and short lessons that will not exceed 15 minutes, which is vital for those learners who do not have enough time to study. It is close to traditional learning methods and will provide you with enough information on grammar and reading. 

5. Rosetta Stone. 

It is aimed at those people who do not mind paying an extra price to receive a personalized learning plan. What makes it unique is the language recognition tool to help you practice your pronunciation. It is interactive, fun, and includes famous stories you can read along with native speakers. 

6. Drops. 

One of the best solutions for visual language learners. It is based on pictures and pronunciation correction methods as you learn. Since it is only $9.99 per month, it is also accessible to at least try and see if it works for you! 

7. Busuu. 

If your goal is to learn a foreign language fast and take the most out of online learning, this app will please you. Considering an intense approach, it’s great when you want to learn how to understand foreign language speed as you watch the best international films available in 2021. Take your time to explore premium features as their free version lets you choose only one language.

Watching The Foreign Movies Tips 

As a rule, as you learn a foreign language, you may consider watching movies and tv-series in a foreign language, which will instantly help you to get the feel of the foreign culture as you learn. 

You should also choose between subtitles, which is a more frequent option, and professional dubbing in a foreign language for some movie that you know well in your native language. Both solutions are acceptable as they will increase your ability to catch the speed of pronunciation along with relevant cultural matters. 


As a researcher and educator with a linguistic background, Melony likes to explore the world and learn about different cultures. Her posts offer fun and exciting tips for movie aficionados and those who are ready to challenge themselves by learning new things. Follow Melony to get inspired and take your ideas to another level. 

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