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9 benefits of using a kick scooter for kids

Imagine being a kid on a summer afternoon and riding your kick scooter with the neighbourhood kids. Fun, right? Kick scooters have always been a crowd favourite among kids of all ages for a long time. From being low maintenance to being safe, scooters also boast a number of features that are loved by parents. 

Scooters for kids make a superb birthday present. But did you know that using a scooter can actually be helpful for your child in many ways? Here are the benefits of using a kick scooter for kids. 

Better coordination 

Kick scooters move when the rider kicks. For the scooter to actually move, the kick should be at a specific angle and the rider should maintain balance. If your kid plays with a kick scooter, they will probably need some time to figure out the right kicking angle and the balance but when they do, it will sharpen overall coordination.

Improved motor skills 

Playing with a scooter enables kids to explore new things and face big and small challenges. Such adventures and challenges can help kids develop better motor skills. Since playing with a scooter requires both fine and gross motor skills, the activity helps improve them both. 

Confidence Boost 

Scooters are easy to use and can be learned by anyone quickly. Kids can learn to ride a scooter in a matter of days, which can be very fulfilling for them. After they have learned to use the scooter, the sense of accomplishment can help boost their confidence, which is important for their personal growth. 

Helps them understand the importance of safety 

While using scooters, kids go should be taught to wear a helmet for their safety. The regular habit of wearing a helmet and prioritizing safety can help them cultivate a better understanding of the importance of safety. 

Better decision-making skills 

Riding a scooter requires the ability to be able to make quick decisions. While your kid rides their kick scooter, they have to constantly do mental calculations about which side to turn, where to go, how fast to go, etc. These mental calculations and executing them rapidly help kids develop better decision-making skills. 


Scooters are pretty safe for children. In fact, scooters are safe, even for toddlers. Unlike a skateboard or a bike, scooters can be learned to be ridden quickly, which is why scooters can be pretty fun for kids of all ages. 

Muscle development

Riding a scooter demands some muscle strength. To take the scooter forward, the kid has to kick and push the scooter. This kick can take muscle strength since the muscle is engaging and re-engaging. Similarly, stopping the scooter also takes muscle strength. The frequent usage of muscles helps in the development of the muscles of the abdomen, calves, and back area, contributing to the physical growth of the kid. 

Cardiovascular benefits 

Most kids want to go faster and faster on their scooters. To go fast on a scooter, you have to kick faster and that is where the real exercise is! When the kids start kicking faster and faster, their body starts needing more and more oxygen. During the whole process, the heart pumps more blood while the lungs try to bring more oxygen into the body. This leads to better cardiovascular health in children who play with scooters. 

Better Mental Health 

Scooting is a strictly outdoor game which means, to actually enjoy scooting to the fullest, your kid will have to go outside and play. Playing outside is one of the major factors that contribute to the mental health and overall development of children. Since their mental health is improved with regular scooting, their mental and emotional growth takes the pace too. 


Scooters have been more popular among kids when compared to bikes and skateboards for years now. Scooting helps kids develop themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically. From the development of motor skills to boosting confidence, from making muscles stronger to keeping the heart healthier, scooters can do it all for your kid which is why, it indeed makes one of the best birthday gifts. 

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