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Creta Class: The Best Platform to Develop Math Skills in Preschoolers

Creta Class: The Best Platform to Develop Math Skills in Preschoolers

Creta Class, an online platform to learn mathematics for kids aged between 3 to 8, serves the purpose of learning the matter with fun and ease. Your little one gets to learn the new dynamics of the basic math formulas and their implications with multiple fun elements attached to them. The platform is facilitated by artificial intelligence, which further allows you to keep track of your kids’ learning and help them learn better with personalized mentorship sessions. 

Math is an essential subject that facilitates the learning of various other subjects in the future. The early years are crucial in carrying out active learning participation in kids’. Thus preschool online classes are the best way to indulge your little one in learning the required curriculum in a hassle-free way. You can get your kid enrolled in Creta Class as it provides online classes for 3 year olds to 8-year-olds with 1,200 animated lessons and 12,000 interactive exercises

Here in this blog, we will be exploring the aspects of learning math in the preschool phase and the goals associated with the same.

Goals of Pre-School Learning

  1. Positive Learning Attitude: With preschool online classes, your kid can develop a love for math concepts and a positive attitude toward learning. Getting your kid to learn math with a fun and engaging representation of the curriculum, enables them to view math as a fun and rewarding activity. With it, your kid becomes confident and develops a sense of accomplishment within themselves. This can contribute to the future success of your kid in different aspects of learning.
  2. Enhance Numeracy Skills: With preschool learning, your kid can get familiar with early numeracy skills. The online classes comprise understanding and recognizing numbers, countings, and basic arithmetic operations, such as addition and subtraction. Children can become well-versed to tackle complex mathematical concepts by applying the required techniques with a strong foundation in mathematical skills. 
  3. Develop Problem-Solving Skills & Abilities: Your kid can get familiar with logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities as they proceed further with their curriculum. Participating in activities, such as puzzles and games, challenges kids to think critically and apply their knowledge in new and creative ways. This builds a challenge-taking ability in kids and helps them to learn and compete in a better way.

The Significance of Online Learning for Little Ones

Interactive Learning

Online math courses are designed to provide interactive learning experiences that make it easy for young learners to grasp the concepts of math. Your little ones can explore the varied patterns, shapes, and numbers with the help of interactive games, puzzles, and activities in preschool online classes like Creta Class. Creta Class provides interactive learning experience in the application to keep kids concentrated and get interested in learning.

Personalized Learning

Online math platforms offer personalized learning experiences tailored to your kid’s needs. These platforms use adaptive learning technology to identify your kid’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to focus on areas that need improvement. Using AI-based technology, Creta Class offers instant feedback to users.  The lessons only take 15 mins a day which parents and kids could do with their own pace, taking their own availability.


Online classes with Creta Class are a convenient option with a lot of learning benefits for your kids. Your little learner can learn math from the comfort of the home with just a device and an active internet connection. You get access to track your kids’ progress and get a detailed report on their overall performance. Online learning allows the kid’s to learn at their own pace and comfort by allowing them flexibility and access to online resources. They also provide flexibility, allowing your kid to learn at their own pace.


Online math learning platforms are cost-efficient as compared to other methods of learning. Brain development of the kid can be molded in the early years. Therefore online classes are the best suitable option to see them learn in front of your eyes.  

Consistent Learning

Creta Class offers learning opportunities, irrespective of any time constraints. Your kid can access them anytime, anywhere. These platforms are available round the clock and ensure the delivery of required matter in the form of online live lectures and recorded sessions. 

How Animation Helps in Fun Learning for Preschoolers?

Certa Class chooses to use animation as the format to deliver the message to kids. But you might wonder why using animation? Animation is a great tool to make your little one indulge in the ultimate learning experience, as it eliminates the factor of boredom. Kids can relate to the concept of storytelling with animated creatures and understand the concepts with fun. Animation adds a fun element to learning prospects that outlines the numeric factors in an engaging manner. Creta Class introduces your little learners to their favorite animations showcased in the best graphics to make them fall in love with math.

Besides, Creta Class introduces you and your little one to the concept of math games. These games help the kid understand math with efficacy. This increases the kid’s engagement and makes them learn through what they love.

Wrapping Up

Creta Class is an exceptional online learning platform, a preschool online class, to learn math with fun and ease. With over 12,000+ interactive exercises and personalized mentorship sessions, Creta Class aims to develop a love for math concepts and a positive attitude toward learning in young learners. 

The significance of online learning patterns such as interactive learning, personalized learning, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and continuous learning makes it a perfect platform for your kid’s early numeracy skills. With the combination of animation and math games, Creta Class ensures that the learning experience is engaging and fun-filled for your little ones. Enroll your kid in Creta Class and watch them fall in love with math in the most enjoyable way.


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