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Invisalign for Kids Vs Traditional Braces – Which to Choose

If you are wondering whether to choose traditional braces or Invisalign for kids, a comparison between the two will help.

Invisalign for Kids Vs Traditional Braces – Which to Choose?

Selecting the right orthodontic treatment is a crucial decision. This is true, particularly for kids. The reason is that it can impact their overall well-being, confidence and oral health. Recently, Invisalign for kids has emerged as a familiar alternative to traditional braces. You might be thinking about opting for traditional braces to straighten your child’s smile. But, Invisalign can be beneficial. However, comparing both these choices will help you arrive at an informed decision. We are here to compare both these options on different grounds:

Aesthetics and Invisibility


One of the key features of Invisalign is its near invisibility. No one can detect that your child has worn an aligner unless he tells. The clear aligners cannot be detected. But, Invisalign can be beneficial. However, comparing both these choices will help you arrive at an informed decision. Dr. Rodrigo Viecilli, DDS, PhD, provider of Austin TX braces can enlighten you on that part of the equation. Traditional braces might make your kid feel conscious about their appearance. This aesthetic benefit can help boost confidence in your kid, who is in her formative years.

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Traditional Braces

As against Invisalign, traditional braces are made using ceramic wires, brackets or metal. Indeed, developments were made recently in these braces to make them less noticeable and smaller. However, they are still visible. Kids are generally highly concerned about theo aesthetic impact of anything they wear. So, they will love Invisalign as against traditional braces.

Maintenance and Comfort


In producing Invisalign, comfortable and smooth plastic is used. It will eliminate the probability of soreness and irritation that are often associated with braces. Also, Invisalign can be removed with ease. So, the oral hygiene routine is more straightforward here. Your kid can easily floss and brush the brace. She need not have to navigate around wires and braces for cleaning.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces need more careful consideration when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene. The reason is that food particles can get caught in the wires and brackets. Special tools like floss threaders might be needed for completely cleaning traditional braces. Further, these braces might cause slight discomfort initially. Also, it can rarely lead to abrasions on lips and cheeks.

Dietary Restrictions


Invisalign does not need your kid to follow any dietary restrictions. The reason is that the aligners can be removed with ease. So, your kid can continue to have her favorite foods without fearing damage to orthodontic appliances.

Traditional Braces

In traditional braces, your dentist will provide you with a list of foods to avoid. For instance, your kid cannot eat popcorn, sticky candies and crunchy or hard snacks. These are foods that kids love a lot. In traditional braces, these foods can damage the wires and brackets. In turn, the treatment time can be extended if the food restrictions are not followed.


Not only on these grounds but also on other factors, Invisalign stands out. Even though the upfront cost might be higher, the other benefits make Invisalign better than traditional braces for your kid. Even when you ask your kid to choose between these two, she will love Invisalign for many reasons.

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