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A bright and straight smile is one of the key factors when presenting yourself. Here are the top choices for invisible braces.

The Film Industry Is Actively Checking Out These Top Choices For Invisible Braces

Having a strong personal brand is an imperative tool for film industry professionals. According to AMP Talent, film industry professionals are able to use their personal brand and the perception that accompanies it, to create opportunities. The pandemic has offered many restrictions, but also a range of opportunities. 

Film industry professionals have been able to use the isolation to improve on their personal brand. A way this has been done has been by improving their appearance, specifically their smile. This article will explore the top invisible braces film industry professionals have access to. 

Defining a personal brand

A personal brand is the image conveyed to casting directors, producers, and the audience when they think and see a specific person. Besides it being the physical appearance, it is also the values, abilities, and actions that others associate with a person. 

Personal brands can be compared to alter ego’s seeing that they are altered to influence the way a person is perceived. By doing this, the alteration or creation of the wanted perception can be used to create opportunities. 

Using invisible braces to improve on a personal brand

A bright and straight smile is one of the key factors when presenting yourself. If film industry professionals are interested in pursuing this, they should explore Smile Prep. Smile Prep is an online media company that reviews and covers innovations within cosmetic dentistry. 

Examples of these innovations are invisible braces, at-home straightening kits and teeth whitening kits. For individuals interested in learning more, they should explore this website

Companies which offer these products are:

  • Byte ($1,795)

Byte is a relatively new company, which has been extremely successful. Byte uses technological and procedural innovation to offer faster treatment times than most aligner companies. Byte ensures a 3 to 4 month treatment time as well as the option to purchase the Byte for Life Guarantee. 

This guarantees lifetime support, where they will create new aligners in the future if your teeth shift and need readjustment. Byte also offers the option to avoid having to wear aligners for 22+ hours, by offering a nighttime-only treatment schedule that only requires 10 hours per day.

  • Candid ($2,400)

Candid has been proven to be one of the most effective options. Candid aims to offer top-quality products as well as safe, efficient treatment. Candid also offers a remote monitoring service, which means the assigned orthodontist is able to track the progress of the client throughout the treatment process. Candid offers a treatment time of 6 months. 

Daniel G. from Chicago had this review about Candid: I really enjoyed working with Candid Co. to enhance my smile. Their customer support was phenomenal when my initial impression kit was too small for my mouth. Word of advice for anyone: choose an in-person scan to be 1,000% sure your Aligners will fit perfectly.”

  • AlignerCo ($1,145+)

AlignerCo is a relatively new company, which offers the lowest prices in the industry. It also offers multiple pricing plans which are able to suit the needs of all types of consumers. AlignerCo offers a treatment time of 6 to 11 months, and they do not require a credit check for their SmileFlex Easy financing plan.

  • SmileDirectClub ($1,950)

SmileDirectClub is one of the first and most well-known companies. SmileDirectClub boasts a strong physical presence having over SmileShops across the country. Their SmileShops allows customers to skip the impression kit to ensure fast treatment, while also offering a nighttime option, similar to Byte. 

  • ClearCorrect ($2,500 – $5,000)

Similarly to Invisalign, ClearCorrect equips dentists to oversee the treatments, as well as being able to add attachments and appliances if necessary. ClearCorrect is able to possibly save costs for clients, seeing that they charge the dentists and orthodontists less for their products and lab fees. 

  • Six Month Smiles ($2,500 – $5,000)

Similarly to ClearCorrect, dentists and orthodontists administer the aligners offered by Six Month Smiles. This service does require regular office visits, with the treatment period being an average of 6 months. Six Month Smiles offers clear braces, as well as clear aligners. 

The takeaway

Building and improving a personal brand may seem intimidating to some, but it can be done by being motivated and following the correct steps. Film industry professionals need to be mindful that their appearance is an important part of their personal brand seeing that people judge a book by its cover. 

To improve on their appearance, if needed, clear braces or aligners, are the perfect solution for fast improvement and can be worn throughout the day being undetectable. This is perfect if the film industry professionals have meetings or casting calls. 

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