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Innovation Lounges Reveals The Top 10 Trends In Luxury Living For November 2022

The Innovation Lounges Marketplace (ILM) has collaborated with its most prestigious brand partners and in-house experts to produce its top brand trends for luxury living, November 2022.

With monthly and quarterly releases of collections featuring some of the best designers in the world, ILM captivates the cruise, maritime, hotel and resort industries’ most selective buyers. Let’s dive straight into it:



Shores is a manufacturer of high-end marine-grade furniture and cushions for the hospitality sector, including hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, and vacation destinations. They are the market leader in furniture and fabrics to the hotel & cruise industry, with ten years of experience making furniture for the cruise industry, lovely European designs, and the capacity to tweak or construct custom products using high-quality materials.

They place a strong emphasis on design, utmost durability, sustainability, and overall guest experiences while staying loyal to their Scandinavian traditions.

This is a minimalist, contemporary, and elegant bed which is completely original, called the Tulum Canopy & Bed. It gives you the sensation of floating and is the perfect way to relax in style.  A premium touch will be applied to any surface thanks to its majestic appearance.

Discover the product here: Tulum Canopy & Bed


Crazy Chair

They are known as Crazy Chair because they have innovative and original ideas. They produce singular moments with original concepts. This is how they entice people to break out of their routines by promising to radically enhance their most priceless moments.

When everything is in tune, the outcome is a harmonious overall picture that goes beyond merely external perceptions. Inside, the premium components and craftsmanship that have ensured Crazy Chair’s high caliber for 20 years are impressive.

All hammocks, hanging seats, and stainless-steel stands are continuously made in Germany. As a result, they constantly monitor all work processes and are capable of having an immediate impact at any time, because they thoroughly consider sustainability, suitability for everyday usage, and safety.

Discover the product here: Crazy Chair


Hespera is dedicated to a sustainable future and a healthy earth as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of circular mattresses and beds.

They minimize material waste and lessen the impact on our forests and oceans thanks to their 70% reduction in emissions compared to comparable products already on the market. They accomplish this by respecting and reusing their materials. They also employ the most recent, tested technology, provide improved comfort, and most importantly, lessen our environmental impact.

Discover the product here: Hespera 


Apure was established in 2013 with more than three decades of lighting design experience to find and create cutting-edge lighting solutions without sacrificing aesthetics. Each product is designed with a clear goal to solve a specific issue in partnership with the world-renowned Porsche Design Studio and a team of their engineers in Germany.

There must be harmony and an unconscious language between the fixtures that fill the spaces in every project. The need to reconcile, form and function, while maintaining this language and space’s overarching design objective led to the creation of Apure.

Discover the product here: Apure


The goal of KLAFS is to create saunas and spas that provide the utmost in luxury and relaxation, whether in the privacy of your home or in a public spa, as well as to improve every aspect of your life. They adore what they do. Which is the sentiment they aim to share with their clients.

Discover the product here: Klafs

Liu Jo Living

Liu Jo’s creative vision gave birth to the custom-made living room.

Craftsmanship, adaptability, style, and sustainability combine to transform furniture for the home. Liujo’s alive collection is a statement of intent: novel shapes and adaptable materials create fresh reading opportunities and breathe life into one-of-a-kind objects.

Discover the product here: Liu Jo Living


Capdell feels they need to emphasize their dedication to sustainability, the environment, and the preservation of nature. They are conscious of the enormous issues our society faces as well as the obligation they have as furniture producers to preserve ecosystems and educate consumers. A responsible design considers the product’s beginnings as well as its evolution, use, and end of life.

Discover the product here: Capdell 

Simplemente Madera

After seeing firsthand the huge waste that results from using great trees to produce ordinary, low-value sawn lumber, Simplemente Madera made the decision to create a specific line of products that both honors the beauty of these unusual trees and encourages the highest added value imaginable. Only exceptional trees from hurricane stocks, trees lost due to natural disasters, and/or our sustainable forestry plantations are used in this range of products. The product listed above is a two piece Tropical Walnut 2 inch slab top with live edges and straight lines at center.

The most exclusive line of one-of-a-kind furniture and accessory items fashioned from magnificent, one-of-a-kind pieces of wood is called the One Tree Limited Edition Collection. High net worth individuals, art collectors, or extremely upscale hospitality ventures are the typical clients for this brand.

Discover the product here: Simplemente Madera


Bromic Heating is the only company that designs, engineers, and manufactures gas, electric, and portable outdoor heating solutions, as well as the only certified Lloyds Register marine heater worldwide.

Powerful electric outdoor heaters like the Eclipse Smart-Heat Portable add radiant warmth, light, and style to outdoor settings that are centered on design. The innovative heat transfer technologies used in this portable electric outdoor heater produce a high-efficiency outdoor heater and dimmable LED light unit with simple yet eye-catching design aesthetics.

With the wireless remote and Eclipse Dimmer Controller that are included with the Eclipse Smart-Heat Portable, you can instantly change the heat output and gradually dim the lights to get the ideal degree of comfort for any circumstance.

Discover the product here: Bromic 


The project’s founders, Mia and Torben Koed, chose to apply their 30 years of combined knowledge into a new project. Change was necessary. The task was to create an ambitious design brand from the ground up using premium components and paying close attention to the smallest of details. The WOUD line is established on the philosophy to look ahead instead of looking back and share the appreciation for honest design, with a drive to produce new originals. As a result, Woud are keen to learn about and develop new concepts, regardless of the shape, purpose, or material used.

Discover the product here: Woud

Final Scoop:

The next line-up for December 2022 is expected to be just as fascinating. ILM CEO, Susan Sadolin said that “We’re particularly delighted to see so many luxury cruise ships and hotels embrace the trends put forward by designers and value their input in making our decisions”.

Watch this space for future updates from ILM as their team are currently debating the next line up

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