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Are humidifiers a good idea for cats? Find out whether the air filtration system is safe for your house pet.

Can you use humidifiers around cats?

Humidifiers are one of the most beneficial products to ever exist for those who have nasal congestion and other problems due to the dry air. However, did you know that it is not just for humans but you can also use them with your little pet cat? 

Cats are just as attuned to quality products as human beings, whether it be food or humidifiers. Check out halo cat canned food reviews for the former, and read on further to learn about the latter!

Are humidifiers safe around cats?

So, now, are humidifiers safe around cats? Do they have any side effects that you should know of? 

The truth is that humidifiers are extremely safe around cats. It is mainly because they just simply give out vapors in the air which is totally unharmful. However, there might be some risks here when it specifically comes to warm mist humidifiers. 

Warm mist humidifiers may seem like the best idea if you live in cold areas. Yet, if you have a cat, you may want to avoid getting that and instead, going for cool mist humidifiers. You can find cool mist ones at 

Warm mist humidifiers contain boiling hot water. So, if your cat suddenly runs over it and ends up toppling it, they may get burnt due to the hot water. For this reason, it is always preferable and safe to go for cool mist humidifiers when you are using them around your cat. 

Are humidifiers beneficial for cats?

Just like humans, many cats also go through many common problems, such as allergies, breathing problems, and even nasal congestion. There is even hypoallergenic cat litter for these problems.

So, when you use humidifiers they help in adding more moisture to the air inside your room. This way, not only you but your cat is also breathing the same air containing moisture. Thus, helping them with allergies and dry nose problems. 

Moreover, humidifiers may also help in killing the bacteria in the air and can also help in keeping the environment safe and healthy for your cat always. 

Precautions to take before using humidifiers around cats

If you are planning to use a humidifier for your cat or even around your cat, there are certain precautions you want to take.

humidifiers cats

Find a proper place

It is always a good idea to find an area that is inaccessible to your cat. This way your cat won’t run around it and end up throwing it somewhere. Also, if you are planning to use a warm mist humidifier, you definitely need to consider this step.

humidifiers cats

Low noise humidifier 

Let’s not deny that cats are extremely alarmed when they hear a loud noise. This way they might not be able to rest and may even get aggressive. 

So, it is always preferable to go for humidifiers having low noise to make sure neither you nor your cat feels disturbed.

humidifiers cats

Go for sturdy or durable humidifier 

There is always a risk of your cat throwing away a humidifier! Thus, leading to breakage and sometimes, your humidifier may not even work. 

To avoid this from happening, try getting only the best and the sturdiest humidifier to make sure it still works well!

humidifiers cats

Don’t add fragrance to your humidifier 

Yes, many humidifiers allow you to add fragrance or essential oils to it. But, if you have a cat avoid doing it. Most cats hate the smell of fragrances and essential oils. They might hate it so much that they will refuse to even enter the room. 

So, if possible try to go for a humidifier that has zero fragrance of any kind. Follow these tips above, and you most likely won’t have to face any difficulty. 

Final thoughts

To answer your question, you can definitely use a humidifier around cats. You just have to take more precautions, go for a cool-mist humidifier over warm mist ones, and you’ll be good!

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