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How to Use a Lock Pick Gun to Open a Lock

A lock pick gun, also known as a snap gun or pick gun, is a tool used in locksmithing to quickly and easily open pin-tumbler locks. It works by exploiting the design of pin-tumbler locks, which use a series of pins of different lengths to prevent the lock from opening without the correct key. The lock pick gun uses a spring-loaded mechanism to rapidly push a pick into the keyway of the lock, which causes the pins to jump and momentarily separate from the lock’s shear line. This creates a brief window of opportunity for the tension wrench to turn the lock, allowing it to be opened without the key. Locksmiths can find useful and premium lock picking Tools at in cheap prices. 

Lock pick guns are popular among locksmiths because they can be used to open locks quickly and with minimal damage to the lock or surrounding hardware. However, it is important to note that lock pick guns are not effective on all types of locks and should only be used by trained professionals in a legal and ethical manner.

How Does Lock Pick Gun Work?

A lock pick gun exploits this design by rapidly pushing a specially designed pick into the keyway of the lock. The pick is angled and shaped to mimic the shape of the correct key. The lock pick gun then applies a strong and rapid upward force to the pick, causing it to bounce up and down within the lock.

The bouncing motion of the pick causes the pins to jump momentarily, allowing the lock to turn slightly. This creates a brief window of opportunity for the tension wrench to turn the lock and open it. The lock pick gun is repeatedly used to bounce the pins, and the tension wrench is simultaneously turned until all of the pins are lifted to their correct height and the lock is opened.

Basic Steps about How to Use The Lock Pick Gun

Before using a lock pick gun, there are a few important preparation steps to follow to ensure that the tool is used safely and effectively:

Obtain Proper Professional Training of Using Lock Pick Gun

Lock pick guns should only be used by trained professionals who understand how to use them safely and legally. If you are not a trained locksmith, it is important to seek out proper training before attempting to use a lock pick gun.

Choose The Right Lock Pick Gun According to the Lock

There are many different types and models of lock pick guns available, so it is important to choose the right one for the job. Consider the type of lock you will be working with and choose a lock pick gun that is appropriate for that type of lock.

Prepare The Tension Wrench in Advance

A tension wrench is a tool that is used in conjunction with the lock pick gun to turn the lock once it has been opened. Before using the lock pick gun, make sure to choose the correct tension wrench for the lock and ensure that it is properly inserted into the lock.

Inspect the lock

Before using the lock pick gun, inspect the lock to ensure that it is in good working condition and is not damaged or broken. If the lock is damaged or broken, a lock pick gun may not be an appropriate tool to use.

Obtain permission before Start

Before attempting to open a lock with a lock pick gun, it is important to obtain permission from the lock’s owner or the person who has authorized the lock to be opened. Attempting to use a lock pick gun without permission can be illegal and unethical.

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