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How to Elevate Your Movie Night Experience With Friends

How to Elevate Your Movie Night Experience With Friends

Movie nights are a fun way to get together with friends in the evening. With movie theater tickets costing up to $20, not including snacks, few people get to enjoy the movie experience anymore. You can recreate the theater experience for your friends in your home without spending a lot of money. Below are seven tips to help you create a memorable experience for your friends.

1. Pick the Right Movie

Consider the people you’ve invited. If it’s all female, a chick flick is always a good choice. If you’ve invited a mixture of men and women, stick with a comedy or an action movie. It doesn’t have to be a new release; you can show older gems that your friends may not have seen before. If you plan on streaming the movie, try downloading it instead. This way, if anything goes wrong with your internet connection, it will not ruin the party. If you have a DVD player, you can use a movie on DVD. The important thing is to pick the movie ahead of time and let your guests know. Otherwise, your friends will spend half of the movie night arguing about what to watch.

2. Give Out Tickets

When you invite someone, give them a movie ticket you’ve created. It can admit one or two. Put the name of the movie on the ticket and the time the movie begins. You can print out free movie tickets from online websites.

3. Create a Comfortable Viewing Area

If you don’t have enough seating in your living room, bring in chairs from other rooms. Put heavy, comfortable comforters or quilts on the floor. Gather all the pillows in your house, including bed pillows, to place on the sofa and floor. Also, dim the lights to create a movie theatre environment.

4. Help Your Guests Relax with CBD Gummies

To ensure everyone can sit back and relax while watching the movie, ask your guests if they would like some CBD gummies. They will help everyone unwind from a long week at work.

5. Put Out Movie Theater Snack

Set up a table off to the side with soda, popcorn, and some boxes of candy that movie theaters sell. If you have health-conscious friends, put out some bottles of water and healthy snacks like raw vegetables with a dip. If food, like pizza, plays a prominent role in the movie, you can serve it during the intermission,

6. Have Guests Shut Off Their Phones

Tell your friends you want them to relax, so ask if they will shut off their phones. Tell them there will be an intermission where they can check their messages. You can make exceptions for parents who left their kids with a babysitter and for people who work at jobs where they are on call.

7. Tell Guests to Wear Lounge Clothing

Let your guests be comfortable in their loungewear or pajamas. You can always show a double feature and let your guests camp out in your living room for the night if they want to.

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