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How should we respond to ‘what’s good?’

In general, we should respond to ‘what’s good?’ in a friendly way. This is how we show our positive attitude and appreciation for what we’ve received. When we do this, we make the other person feel good, too. Additionally, responding in a friendly way can help build and maintain relationships.

Avoid a show of aggression

However, we should be careful not to respond in a way that is too aggressive or hostile. Many people have responded negatively to someone else’s ‘what’s good?’ It could be a question about a party they were invited to, or a comment about their appearance. In any case, it’s important to remember that our tone of voice and our words will shape how the other person feels. As you answer the question, consider how you would like to be treated.

Typical ways of responding to the ‘whats good’ prompt are

  • “Everything is pretty good, thanks. How about you?”
  • “I’m doing well. Thanks for asking. How are you?”
  • “I’m good. Just enjoying my day.”
  • “Just taking it easy. What about you?”
  • “Not much. Just enjoying my day.”
  • “It’s all good. How have you been?”
  • “Meh, I can’t complain. How about you?”
  • “Doing awesome, actually. You look good too.”
  • “It’s good to see you, mate.”
  • “Everything’s good, just chilling. What have you been up to

You can reply to the ‘what’s good’ question in an offbeat and somewhat quirky manner. The expert team at the selfdevelopmentjourney website have put together some amusing ripostes to the ways to respond when asked what’s good?

  • “What’s good? The stock market isn’t bad right now.”
  • “Well, as you asked, I just woke up, so I’m a little grumpy.”
  • “Not much, to be honest, but I won’t bore you with the details.”
  • “Why don’t you tell me, do I look good?”
  • “Well, looking at you, I’d say things could be worse.”
  • “My serotonin levels after seeing you, my friend.”
  • “Well, I’m living the dream, so things can’t get much better.”
  • “The future, hopefully.”
  • “It’s just a 4-letter word.”
  • “Anything I like and what to do is good. Anything I don’t is bad.”

So you can see that replying to a simple question such as ‘what’s good is a complex task.

You can be flirty.

Flirting is often seen as a way to playfully interact with someone you are attracted to, but it can also be used to build rapport and create a connection with someone. When done skillfully, flirting can effectively show someone you are interested in them and make them feel valued. To flirt effectively, it is important to be confident, make eye contact, and be aware of your body language. It is also essential to be aware of the other person’s reactions and to know when to back off if they are not reciprocating your interest. If you are interested in someone and want to flirt with them, the next time you see them, ask how they are doing and genuinely listen to their answer. From there, you can build on the conversation and take it in your desired direction.  

So if you wish to initiate a flirt when someone asks ‘what’s good, you can reply.

  • “What’s good? Well, seeing you just made things a whole lot better.”
  • “Why don’t you tell me, do I look good?”
  • “I’d say you and I hanging out later would be good.”
  • “I’m better now you’ve asked me, thanks.”
  • “I’m good, but not as good-looking as you are.”
  • “Funny you should ask; I’ve been thinking about you all day.”
  • “Why don’t you tell me?”
  • “Are you flirting with me?”
  • “Is that your best pickup line?

You can be sarcastic

It’s tough to be sincere when constantly asked how you are without genuine interest in the question. So, instead of replying with the usual “, I’m good, thanks,” you can start being more sarcastic in your responses.  It’s a small way to inject some humour into an otherwise mundane exchange.

  • “Oh, you know, the usual. Just getting by, day-by-day.”
  • “Not much. Just living the dream, you know how it is.”
  • “Just trying to survive, like everyone else.”
  • “I’m fabulous, thanks for asking.”
  • “Couldn’t be better; thanks for caring.”
  • “Just peachy. Thanks for checking in.”
  • “It’s all good, just another day in paradise.”
  • “I’m fabulous, and you?”
  • “It’s all good, no thanks to you.”
  • “Just another day in the life.”
  • “Could be better, but could also be worse.”

Start the day in a positive mood

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is smile. Smiling is contagious, and it will set the tone for your entire day. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, the act of smiling itself will make you feel happier. There will be moments when things seem complex or challenging throughout the day. But if you can keep a smile on your face, you’ll get through those challenging moments much easier. A smile is a sign of strength and resilience, two qualities that will help you get through anything life throws your way. So next time you’re feeling down, remember to put on a smile. It’s the best way to get through the day with a positive attitude.

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