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How Marc Bui Helps People Acquire Homeownership

Homeownership is an important prospect for anyone. “Own nothing and be happy” just does not resonate with most of the free world. Real estate represents a valuable asset, and offers people a vital sense of freedom. One journal notes that, “For decades, it was taken as a given that an increased homeownership rate was a desirable goal. 

But after the financial crises and Great Recession, in which roughly eight million homes were foreclosed on and about $7 trillion in home equity was erased, economists and policymakers are re-evaluating the role of homeownership in the American Dream.” The journal, however, concludes that ultimately, “homeownership is a valuable institution.”

Many prospective buyers are faced with the various obstacles of finding and securing a home. This can occur even when a person is in a stable and viable financial position. One hurdle that most buyers have to overcome is procuring a mortgage to finance and purchase their home. This can be daunting, and can often shy people away from attempting to purchase a home. However, there are many experts available to help prospective homeowners secure their dream home, and advise them on how to make it possible. 

Marc Bui, who leads Thrive Lending Group, is an expert in the fields of mortgage and real estate. With his company, he has been able to help many buyers find and purchase their homes. Additionally, Bui has optimized his various platforms to provide the public with free and accessible advice. 

Thrive Lending Group and Marc Bui

Bui has utilized his experience in the mortgage industry to found and proliferate Thrive Lending Group. The team has well over two decades of experience within the sector. Bui and his entire team works hard to provide home buyers with effective advice, so that they may make educated decisions and purchases. The team tackles trends in the real estate industry, and maximizes their knowledge of mortgage lending to help clients obtain homeownership. The company states that, “we’ve successfully helped navigate the challenges of buying a home as well as the refinancing process for first-time homebuyers, move-up buyers, real estate investors, and retirement mortgages.”

One thing is profoundly clear, Bui and Thrive Lending Group are passionate about securing and facilitating homeownership for their clients, and the general public. They express their passion by ensuring financial stability for their clients, and by implementing successful plans to render homeownership possible. 

Bui himself possesses a ‘from the ground up’ life story, where he has tackled adversity to gain experience, education, and knowledge. With this, he strives to educate and inform the public to help guide them through difficult financial decisions. 

How Bui Helps with Homeownership

Bui and his team help facilitate homeownership in a variety of ways. Firstly, Bui provides free consultations for prospective homeowners, and anyone who is interested in real estate, mortgage, and financial advice. These consultations allow prospective homeowners to gain valuable insight into the process of securing a mortgage, and acquiring a home. This means that Bui allows for people that are not active clients to seek out his advice and aid. 

Thrive Lending Group states that, “Our goal is to educate, motivate, and create well-informed homebuyers. We help first-time buyers enjoy financial stability and freedom with home loans curated to meet their needs.” The company optimizes various avenues of doing so. Apart from the company’s consultations, the public can access the group’s blog. This contains helpful guides, tips, and strategies. The blogs are a great way for consumers to access free advice on how to purchase and own a home. 

Bui has also made use of social media platforms to provide entertaining and informative advice on how to acquire homeownership. The mortgage expert posts reels of himself discussing important topics related to mortgage and real estate, but also more light hearted content within the industry. Bui is helping communities learn more about homeownership, and how they too can own a home. 

Final Thoughts

Owning a home is a dream and goal for many, but it does not need to stay just that. More and more people are considering how they can own a home, and what they need to do for homeownership to be viable. Marc Bui and Thrive Lending Group are dedicated to educating, informing, and aiding people that are seeking to become homeowners. Bui does this in multiple ways, but has chosen to make mortgage and real estate advice as accessible as possible.

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