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Is there a special person in your life that loves horror movies - and you’re struggling to find the right gift for them? Here is the perfect gift guide.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Horror Movie Fanatic In Your Life

Is there a special person in your life that loves horror movies – and you’re struggling to find the right gift for them? Do they quote classic horror films endlessly? Are they obsessed with all things scary and bone-chilling and you don’t know where to start? Look no further! We know that shopping for the spooky film enthusiast can be a frightening task in and of itself to make sure you find the right gift. (Is it scary enough? Is it creepy enough? Does it have any jump-scares?) In this article, we’ll share the best gifts (that are also very affordable!) to give the horror movie fan in your life. These are sure to haunt them (in the best way possible). 

Infusionz Delta 9 THC Gummies with CBD – $39.99

After the horror movie has been selected, it’s now time for the spooky aficionado in your life to prepare everything else for the film. Help them kick it off properly with the first gift suggestion on our list: Delta 9 THC Gummies with CBD! These tasty treats not only act as a sweet and juicy treat to enjoy during the movie, but are sure to enhance the movie-watching experience to a deeper yet mellow level. CBD products containing Delta 9 THC have been sweeping across the nation thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill that was signed into law. A fan favorite regardless of the film choice, this is sure to be a huge hit! 

Kernel Popcorn Variety Set – $24.99

You’ve got your Delta 9 with CBD treats ready, now you need a sweet and salty snack to pair with them. Next up on our horror-movie watching gift list is the Amish Country Kernel Popcorn Variety Set! Who doesn’t love a scary movie with a big bowl of popcorn to accompany it? Choose from six different kernels, including Red (for the gory horror film), Mushroom (for the creature-feature film), and more! Toothpicks not included. 

Warm Hugs Always Cozy Blanket – $25.95

You’ve picked out your movie, you’ve got your treats – now you need a super cozy blanket to wrap up in! The Warm Hugs Always Fleece Throw Blanket feels exactly like that – a warm hug! This thick and fuzzy blanket is our top pick for what to get wrapped up in before getting wrapped up in a movie. Be careful though – this blanket is so comforting it may put your loved one to sleep before the killer even makes their first appearance. (You may want to purchase one for yourself to enjoy while watching all the other movie genres.)

Shashibo Shape Shifting Box – $25.00

Many people have a hard time concentrating on movies and like to browse on their phone – others feel the anxious build up of the chilling plot and need a little something to play with and help take their minds off the impending doom about to descend upon the people in the film. For those who need that special fidget toy, check out the Shashibo Shape Shifting Box! This unique toy uses Earth magnets and can transform into over 70 shapes. Not only does it keep your hands occupied while your mind races during the zombie attack, it lends itself to creating unique pieces of art that can be changed to make something different with just a few twists and turns.

Horror Stress Ball – $7.49

We’ve found that while many horror movie aficionados enjoy all things creepy, weird, and gory, they often have a soft spot for super cute things. (Well, maybe super cute things that still have a dark, horror twist to them.) This adorable Horror Stress Ball is the perfect gift to help your horror film lover ease through the scary parts of movies while keeping their stress levels low. These toys offer a slow rise after being squeezed and decompressed and are sure to fit right in with any other horror decor your loved ones likely have around their spooky abode. Stock up on two and save one for yourself when you decide to brave the spookshow with them!

Voice Changer – $19.96

Sometimes the scary movie fan in your life doesn’t just love watching the movies but wants to also be in them as well. (You may find that they like to quote along with every line of their favorite scary movie as well.) Surprise them with this creepy Voice Changer! This gift is a must-have for any horror lover who wants to live the movies or just wants to prank and frighten their friends and family. With three different eerie voices to choose from, you might want to include a note with it letting the recipient know that the gift-giver (you) is off-limits. 

CBD & Ashwagandha Stress Support Gummies – $49.99

The movie is done, the hero survived and the killer was stopped (or maybe they got away and a sequel is coming) – but the emotional rollercoaster ride that is a horror movie left your loved one feeling a bit anxious and stressed. Give them the gift of stress support with these CBD and Ashwagandha Stress Support Gummies! Ashwagandha is a plant that has been used for thousands of years, most commonly for its help in relieving stress and anxiety. Help your loved ones unwind from the terrifying tale they just watched (again) with these delicious and helpful gummies. 

We know that there are thousands (if not millions) of options out there for gifts of any kind – but we hope that this list of ideas helps you find the perfect present for the horror movie fan in your life. While these gift suggestions are presented with the holiday season in mind, it’s worth noting that they are also great to consider for a number of other events, such as a  birthday surprise, graduation celebration, a new job, or just because you feel like being nice. These products are sure to leave a big smile (or perhaps a big, sort of scary-looking smile) on that special horror movie fanatic’s face. Happy Holidays!

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