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You may come across misleading talks while buying Fox helmets. Don't take them seriously as they are plain myths. We've busted some helmet myths here.

Top 5 Myths About Helmets Busted

Wearing safety gear like a helmet while riding a dirt bike is one of the basic things that the bikers follow. A helmet protects you from head injuries by becoming a barrier between the external elements and your head. It is essential safety equipment you must buy, regardless of what bike you ride. Riding without wearing a helmet may increase your chances of injury by 70 percent.

The markets are full of different helmets that you can buy. You can choose the best one after considering the shape, size, type, fittings, etc. You may also come across one or the other misleading talks while buying a helmet. Do not take them seriously as they are plain myths.

We have busted some myths about the use of helmets. Listed below are a few of them.

You Cannot Breathe in a Helmet

It is one of the most common myths associated with a helmet. Many two-wheeler riders do not wear helmets as they feel that wearing them may make it difficult to breathe easily. However, this assumption is baseless.

Motorcycle helmet manufacturers such as Fox Helmets take special care in designing their products. They include a ventilation system and hot air exhaust, thus allowing the air to come inside the helmet without making it uncomfortable for the rider. Ultimately, you do not feel suffocated or claustrophobic wearing it.

All Motorcycle Helmets are the Same

No. All motorcycle helmets are not designed in the same manner. They have different shapes, sizes, and types. For instance, a half-helmet covers only half of your face. A 3/4th helmet cover more than half of your face, and a full-face helmet covers your whole face, thus providing maximum safety.

The materials used in constructing them also vary. Some of them include paddings and nose vents, while others do not. It is good to purchase the one that offers maximum protection and conforms to all the safety standards.

Dual Visor Helmets are Designed Only To Make You Look Cool

Nowadays, many helmets include dual visor technology, which serves a specific purpose. Imagine riding your bike long distances in a bright sunny condition. You may need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from fatigue.

To solve this problem, the leading manufacturers have come up with the solution of a darkened sun visor. It is installed below the standard clear visor. The role of this visor is to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. Such helmets do more than only make you look good.

You Do Not Have to Close their Straps

It is another common myth among the people. Many bikers assume that merely placing the helmet on their head will offer complete protection against the hazards of the road. Sadly, it is not the truth.

When you do not strap your helmet, you expose yourself to the external elements and dangers of the road. There is a risk of it flying off under impact that may leave your head exposed. Close the straps of your helmet every time you wear it. 

Loosely-Fitted Helmets are More Comfortable

Many people prefer buying a loosely-fitted helmet, especially if they want to ride under hot and humid conditions. They believe the loose-fitting of the gear will offer them more comfort. However, it is a plain myth.

A helmet, too, loose may fall off your head, thus exposing it to head injuries. Similarly, a loosely-fitted helmet may make you feel uncomfortable. The fit of the helmet should always be snug.


We hope that the above-listed article cleared your confusion about the many myths related to a helmet. The next time someone talks about these myths, you have facts to defend your stand. Shop for the best helmet now.  

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