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Motorists nowadays feel the pinch of the shrinking economy. But why is it important to find high quality gear for your motorcycle?

Temu Gives Motorcycle Enthusiasts More Reasons to Ride With Quality Gear

Motorists nowadays feel the pinch of the shrinking economy, compounded by the oil crisis and the price of goods going up.

“I wasn’t able to go out as much as I’d like, touring the roads and highways with my trusty motorcycle,” says Alex, 42, a baker who rides his Royal Enfield Bullet on his one day off each week. “However, once I discovered Temu I realized that I could still chase my hobby, mainly because of the value the online shopping brand provides.”

He bought a black motorcycle helmet for $11.99 and a matching one in pink for his partner.

Another road warrior, Tim, 24, was happy with his purchase of a throttle booster ($1.49), a quick-drying washing cloth ($0.79) for his Kawasaki Ninja H2R, and a black motorcycle jacket for $29.89, from Temu. “Right then and there Temu became my favorite shopping app,” said Tim, who works in a pet shop. “The products I get are high-quality and never fail me.” 

Just a month old, Temu is quickly building a reputation for itself as one of the fastest-rising online shopping marketplaces, offering quality products in multiple categories at affordable prices. To understand how Temu offers quality products at affordable prices, one needs to look at its background. 

Temu is a sister company of Pinduoduo, one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms serving close to 900 million customers. It also has a massive sourcing and fulfillment network of more than 11 million suppliers, many of them world-class manufacturers who have been producing for global brands and are now supplying goods direct to consumers. 

This access to a global supplier network gives Temu an edge over other retailers because it can work with suppliers to curate and create products that more closely suit the needs of consumers. It’s the reason why US customers have taken to the online shopping site quickly and made it a huge success just weeks after the app launched. Temu’s app quickly rocketed up the download rankings in the first month of its launch, an early indication of its popularity with consumers. 

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