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Unlike what you may have thought about facial laser hair removal being another of those Insta fads, come see the benefits for yourself now.

Simple Beauty Treatments from Within

You hear people say it all the time. “Beauty comes from within.” While this statement is often ridiculed by those who do not meet the impossible standards of beauty nowadays, we hate to say that the statement is correct. We don’t mean to upset anyone, but beauty does come from within. However, we do not refer to someone’s heart and personality. That kind of inner beauty will always trump outer beauty. We mean the beauty that results from what we eat.

Yes, you read that write. Did you know that what we put in our bodies matter’s more than what we put on our bodies? This concept will shock a few people, but it’s true. During this article, we will not promote 30-days diets, nutrition plans or limiting the amount of food you eat. None of that is healthy or efficient in the long run. We will promote ingredients that you can use in exotic beauty treatments that help you with some common aesthetic issues. Adding these into your diet won’t limit what you eat, how much you eat, or how much you exercise. It will, however, make you feel and look better without plumping your lips or giving you a Kardashian bootie. Buckle up! We’ll tackle the issue and give you the solution.

Damaged Hair and Nails

Some of the best ingredients for hair loss, weakening, or thinning hair are whole grains. Instead of adding processed grain products, use those that are as close to their natural state as possible. Think of oats or brown rice. Both of these are rich in the vitamin B complex, including B7, also known as biotin. They are also a great source of silica that reduces breakage and zinc, an essential hair nutrient that prevents hair loss.

Whole grains are also effective against weak or brittle nails because of the biotin. Another option is egg yolk. Besides the iron and zinc present in egg yolks that strengthen your nails, one compound included is protein. Eating omelets and pancakes will limit nail brittle while increasing their firmness and strength for healthy nail growth.

Raccoon and Puffy Eyes

Natural raccoon smokey eyes isn’t the best look on anyone. While all you need for this look is a few sleepless nights and a stressful schedule, getting rid of them isn’t a big problem. Many things can cause these dark circles under our eyes, even hereditary causes, poor circulation, or anemia. 

Fixing two vitamin deficiencies can solve the unwashable makeup that doesn’t do you any good. Vitamin K and vitamin C are known to boost circulation while also strengthening your capillary walls. These will also work on rosacea or capillary breakage that shows on your skin like thin red lines. The best options for these are dark, leafy greens like spinach, kale, brussels sprouts, or collard greens.

When we’re dealing with puffy eyes, one cause could be fluid retention. By resetting your sodium and potassium balance, this issue can be fixed. By decreasing the amount of salt in your food and increasing potassium-rich foods like avocado, your skin will become soft, supple, and reduce any inflammation. Say goodbye to puffy eyes.

Flaky Skin and Lips

Before you jump on this simple beauty treatment, you should check your allergies. As the world’s biggest allergens, nuts and seeds have high amounts of vitamin E. If your diet allows you, try to include them in your meals as they help the skin maintain the necessary natural moisture levels. Keeping your skin soft and hydrated is what every beauty guru promotes both online and offline. By opting for nuts and seeds, flaxseeds, or walnuts being the best, you can help your skin look fresher and healthier than ever.

Vitamin B deficiency can be a cause of chapped, flaky lips. While we can find the vitamin B complex in several of the options we already mentioned, yogurt and oatmeal are ideal for skin nourishment and healthiness. An added benefit for both of these ingredients is that the amount of zinc they contain helps painful, cracked lips heal faster.

Acne Spots

Some of us battled acne in our teenage years, while others only suffered from the affection later in life. There are many causes of acne, including allergic reactions, carbonated drinks, pollution, fatty foods, and an insatiable sweet tooth. Most may be commonly accepted as causes for acne, but pollution isn’t the easiest to diagnose. 

It may also be the most overlooked cause as we are used to pollution affecting our lungs, not our skin. Still, while the causes are different, the solution can be universal. Garlic, like honey, is a natural antibiotic. However, unlike honey, it is also a blood cleansing. It boosts your immunity system and has excellent antibacterial properties. It works as an anti-inflammatory by reducing swelling and inflammation while also fighting the bacteria responsible for acne.

Niacinamide and hyaluronic acid serum are also very effective for treating acne and against developing inflammation that causes it.

Pale Sickly Complexion

Having a sickly complexion can have multiple causes, from anemia to treatable or untreatable conditions. What happens in the body, however, that results in a pale complexion can be remediated. A pale complexion can be resolved by supplementing the iron or vitamin B12 deficiency in your body. Seafood is a great option as oysters, for example, are rich in both vitamin B12 and iron. By eating more seafood, you’ll see an improvement in your complexion and a boost in energy as well.


When dealing with any of these conditions, a professional could check each effect and discover the cause. Check with your physician if any of these issues are affecting you because underlying conditions can also manifest through these symptoms. If this is a health issue, an expert’s advice is what you need. Through medical treatment, most of these problems can be fixed. However, if there is no underlying condition that you’re suffering from, including these ingredients, based on your situation, can help improve or completely fix your problem. 

There is more to beauty than the correct type of foundation, the right hair color, or the ideal length for eyelashes. We each have features that differentiate us from other people, and all this talk about the impossible and unattainable beauty standards sets people up to fail. The things that make us different are also those that make us stand out from a crowd. Why focus on changing our bone structure, hair color, and lip plumpness when we could concentrate on being healthier from the inside out. A healthy and hydrated body wears glowing skin, luscious hair, and a winning smile regardless of waist size, eye color, or thickness.

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