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How To Find Halal Food Near Me – Best Restaurants Of California

Are you looking for the best halal food places in California and cannot find any way to find the Halal Food Restaurant so here we are to tell you in detail about the ways to find halal food and also the best restaurants in California. Halal food is popular among Muslims and others because of its healthy and nutritious effects on the body. So many people are craving it, and finding certified halal food near your place is not easy. 

Ways to find the best halal food restaurant

There are many ways to find halal food restaurants, and these are as follows:

  1. Do research on the internet and find the list of halal food available on the search engine. Check the ingredients list to find out if these restaurants are certified halal. Google has many options for finding the best halal food places near you.
  2. Go to and write your favorite halal food and location, and you will get a certified halal food list. You also get honest reviews of many clients served there, making your decision easy. 
  3. Restaurants can also be founded by asking family members and friends who have previously tried halal food restaurants near you, so you can ask their opinion to make the perfect decision.

Best Halal food restaurant in California

Here I’m going to discuss the top two halal food providers who are determined to provide the most delicious and delectable food in California, and these are as follows:

Crimson Coward

Crimson Coward is one of its kind that serves you all-natural, non-GMO chicken that is free from hormones and antibiotics and comes from natural and reputable farms. The most famous recipe served at Crimson Coward is halal-certified Nashville Hot Chicken which has the most delectable taste and is different from other halal food restaurants. 

The first thing that makes it unique from others is healthy halal chicken, and the second thing is the crimson rub that makes this recipe loved by many chicken lovers. Food is nutritious, healthy, tasty, and in a lot of varieties. You not only get Nashville Hot Chicken but also enjoy crimson chicken. Joey eats fries, sandwiches, extras, and sides, and a lot of beverages are also there to make your days more enjoyable. 

Big Al’s Pizzeria 

Big Al’s pizzeria is the one that gives you a wide variety of pizza, desserts, wings, and much more that you will never forget. With thousands of positive reviews and a huge fan base, Big Al’s pizzeria serves its guests halal, fresh, and high-quality products. They care about ingredients and try to use fresh and certified halal ingredients in their food, which makes the food unique and delectable in its own way. 

Food is nutritious, healthy, and flavorful, satisfying your cravings for sour, spicy, tart, and sweets, and they have the best food services near you with the fastest home delivery. Order your favorite halal food and get it at your doorstep in a limited time. If you live in California, Big Al’s pizzeria is a must-try food restaurant.


I hope your query about ‘how to find halal food near me’ is solved and you get the two best choices in the name of Crimson Coward and Big al’s pizzeria if you are searching for halal food restaurants in California.

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