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If you’re looking for a high-quality hair clinic that can help transform your appearance with an affordable hair transplant, look no further than Istanbul.

Affordable Hair Transplant in Istanbul With Impressive Results

Hair loss can have a major impact on one’s confidence and self-esteem. That’s why hair transplants have become so popular in recent years. They offer a permanent solution to hair troubles, and a single treatment is all that’s necessary to start regrowing natural hair.

If you’re looking for a high-quality hair clinic that can help transform your appearance and bring back your confidence, look no further than Istanbul, Turkey. That’s where you’ll find one of the most reputable clinics in the country — Sapphire Hair Clinic.

Sapphire Hair Clinic: Certified doctors & patient-centered care

Sapphire Hair Clinic is a trusted clinic in Istanbul that employs outstanding doctors, nurses, and other staff. It is the go-to place for a top-notch hair transplant in Istanbul as they achieve remarkable results.

The JCI-accredited clinic has been part of the Medical Park Hospitals Group since 1995, operating under the “healthcare for all” principle. Thanks to its dedication to patient-centered care, innovation, and first-class results, it’s one of the most prestigious clinics in Turkey.

Its entire medical team is JCI-accredited, trained, and experienced in the hair restoration field.

Dr. Okan Morkoç, the clinic’s founder and lead hair transplant surgeon, has been restoring people’s natural hair for over 25 years. He graduated from the School of Medicine at Akdeniz University in Antalya before specializing in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery at Haydarpasa Numune Training and Research Hospital in Istanbul.

He’s a prominent member of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) who has performed over 25,000 successful surgeries to date. His patients’ authentic reviews and testimonials speak volumes about his impeccable work.

Hair transplant costs in Istanbul

A hair transplantation procedure typically costs a fortune in most countries worldwide. That’s not the case with Turkey.

For instance, hair transplant costs in the United States can reach a staggering $16,000. A hair transplant in Istanbul can be up to 70% cheaper, with costs ranging between $1,500 and $5,000, depending on the procedure, the number of grafts, and expertise, among other factors.

That’s because the labor costs in Turkey are lower than in other, more developed countries, and the Turkish Lira is devalued. That enables Turkish clinics to lower their prices while maintaining quality.

Hair transplant packages at Sapphire Hair Clinic

Getting a hair transplant in Turkey typically means receiving all-inclusive services. Sapphire Hair Clinic is not an exception. Its all-inclusive hair transplant packages provide the following:

  •       Free, non-binding consultation and hair analysis;
  •       Hairline planning;
  •       Blood tests;
  •       Maximum number of grafts;
  •       Local anesthesia;
  •       Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy;
  •       Pain medication;
  •       Aftercare hair products;
  •       Hotel accommodation;
  •       Airport-hotel-clinic transfers;
  •       Two-year post-op follow-ups.

Sapphire Hair Clinic’s services: Innovation at its finest

Sapphire Hair Clinic is one of the pioneers in the hair restoration field. Since its inception, it has been using cutting-edge technology, thus ensuring maximum graft survival rates and optimal results.

Some of the most popular hair restoration treatments at Sapphire Hair Clinic include:

  •       FUE hair transplant;
  •       DHI hair transplant;
  •       Sapphire FUE;
  •       Manual FUE;
  •       Beard and mustache transplant;
  •       Eyebrow transplant;

The most advanced methods are the Sapphire Follicular Unit Extraction and the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). Here’s a quick look at how they work.

The Sapphire method involves using a sapphire-blade micro-motor tool to make minuscule incisions in the donor area and extract follicular units. The surgeon repeats the process to transplant the hair grafts in the recipient area.

A DHI hair transplant doesn’t require any incisions. The surgeon uses a Choi implanter pen to extract and then insert hair follicles directly into the balding area.

The pen-like device allows the surgeon to load all the hair grafts inside, so there’s no need to preserve them in any liquid and risk low survival rates. The entire process is faster and more effective. Additionally, no incisions result in minimal scalp trauma and tissue damage, maximum graft survival, and faster recovery.

At Sapphire Hair Clinic, the DHI hair transplantation method is the go-to choice for beard transplants as well. Since it requires only a local anesthetic, the surgery is painless and leaves no visible scars.

Excellent quality and natural-looking results

Sapphire Hair Clinic’s doctors are experts in helping newly-transplanted hairs grow naturally. Dr. Okan Morkoç’s expertise, experience, attention to detail, careful hairline planning, and dedication to high quality are unmatched.

You can see his incredible work on the clinic’s Before & After website page, regularly updated to showcase the latest treatments’ final results, which are natural-looking and permanent.

If you decide to get a hair transplant surgery, you have to be patient regardless of the clinic. It takes time for your healthy hair to start growing again, so don’t expect a visible change overnight.

In the weeks following the surgery, your transplanted hair will start falling out. That’s a normal part of the hair regrowth process. You’ll experience more hair shedding over the next few months, so don’t be alarmed.

You’ll start noticing visible hair growth within 6-9 months after your hair transplant, while the one-year mark is when you’ll start looking like your old self again.


A hair transplant is one of the best hair restoration treatments that doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. At Sapphire Hair Clinic, you can get high quality at a fraction of the cost.

Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Okan Morkoç to find out if you’re a good hair transplant candidate and discuss your options.

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