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Are you planning to purchase a hair wig toupee for the first time and are slightly confused? You are not alone! Here's what you need to do.

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Toupee

Are you planning to purchase a hair wig toupee for the first time and are slightly confused? You are not alone! There are thousands of men who struggle to answer tons of questions before buying their first hair toupee. 

Today, we are here with some of the most frequently asked questions about toupees to help you make the perfect purchase. Read this article to answer commonly asked questions about purchasing a hair toupee.

Note: This blog has been created in collaboration with Lordhair

Should I go for a hair toupee or a hair transplant?

Surgical hair replacement is way costlier than hair toupee and is very invasive in nature. On the other hand, hair toupees bring a realistic look and are very affordable in nature. With hair toupee, you dodge all the side effects and pain that comes along with a transplant. 

Will my hair toupee hold in the wind?

Modern hair toupees are attached to the scalp using a skin-friendly adhesive or tape. The same provides your hair toupee a permanent hold that doesn’t waiver even in strong winds. 

Your toupee hair replacement system will not fly away in the wind if you buy one from leading toupee suppliers like Lordhair   

I’m worried about people knowing that I wear a hair toupee! What should I do?

Toupees have come a long way in the past decades. They are nowadays designed using real hair that perfectly matches your real hair tone and texture. Hair density and style is also recommended with the recipient in mind!

The modern production techniques are also advanced and provide a hyper realistic look. Unless people have already seen you with a bald head, there is no way anyone can tell that you are wearing a toupee. 

How many hair toupees will I need every year?

All depends upon the type of toupee wig you choose, your lifestyle and the way you maintain it. Since toupee lifespan depends on so many factors, it’s hard to predict exactly how much hair toupees you need per year. 

That said, a premium hair toupee can last 3-6 months if cared for correctly. So, you will only need around 3-4 toupees in a year!  

Do I take off my hair toupee at night or is it permanently attached?

It’s totally up to you! The new generation hair toupees come with tapes and glues that can easily last more than a week without removal depending on the climate and maintenance. Using the right pillow and detangling is highly recommended if you plan to wear the toupee during night as well. 

Above mentioned are the frequently asked questions from men who plan to buy a toupee for the first time. We hope this quick guide cleared a few of your doubts regarding using a men’s hairpiece to recover from baldness. 

Have more questions? Drop your questions in the comments and our experts will answer them. 

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