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If you want to live a wealthy lifestyle, then getting promoted should be a major goal for you. Learn some great tips on how to get the ball rolling.

The Secret to Getting Promoted by Peter DeCaprio: Maintain a Healthy Work/Life Balance!

Did you know that some of the most successful people in today’s workforce don’t even have a traditional 9-5 work schedule? Our guest, Mr. Tom Corley, did some extensive research on this subject and he has been featured in some pretty big publications, including Forbes Magazine. In our interview with him, we talk about what kind of hour’s high-income earners work and how they make it to the top!

Fascinating stuff! Hey guys, I’m Stephanie from Your Career Partner HERE on YouTube! We all want to be on top of our careers… But was there ever a time when you’ve wanted to give up & just not grow anymore? It’s tough right but there are REAL :). That is why I’m here! I work with ambitious millennials that are really on top of things and they’re struggling to get the PROMOTION at their companies. We’ll do some fun stuff this week, but first…

Tom has been featured on some pretty big publications including Forbes Magazine! So let’s dive right in & find out – what kind of hours high-income earners work & how they make it to the top!

What kind of hours do high-income earners work?

Here is what Peter DeCaprio shared with us:

People who earn $160k+ annually, who we call “aspirational workers” because they aspire to be wealthy & successful, worked an average 55-hour workweek. This includes full-time and part-time workers.

Tom also shared with us, “The more money people earned, the longer they work.” – Interesting! Here is what he said specifically about those who earn $160k+ annually:

Those people working 55+ hours were usually doing it 5 or 6 days a week which means that the weekend was probably the only time they had to relax & unwind. These are called “the busy rich.” On top of being busy, these individuals are often stressed out because there is so much pressure on them to perform at high levels. They have way too many things on their plate and not enough time or energy to handle them all. It’s no wonder why they never seem to have any free time; they’re trying to have it all.

Here’s the good news though, there is another group of people who earn $160k+ annually & they are called “the balanced rich.” They have the same income level as the busy rich but their work week was only 47 hours on average… That means that they actually take time off to rest and relax! The secret to having a great life isn’t working yourself to death, its finding balance in your life so you can spend more time doing what you love & less time feeling burnt out. This makes me super happy because I believe that we should focus more on our health than just trying to make money.

You know the old saying, “it’s easier to get promoted than it is to keep your job”? Well, that may not be completely true — but it turns out that there is some truth to this idea. The reason why many people are unable to obtain promotions at their company is that they do not maintain a healthy work/life balance. By embracing or even just tolerating unhealthy personal habits or attitudes, you significantly increase your chance of being passed over for a promotion in favor of another candidate who has proven themselves as an asset rather than a liability. In, by failing to take care of yourself, you end up making life harder for your manager. Who wants to deal with that?

To increase your chances of getting promoted, it’s important to take care of not only your professional life but also your personal one as well. When discussing the idea of work/life balance, many people simply think about their professional lives; however, an essential part of growing is continuously developing you both personally and professionally. The first step in achieving a healthy work/life balance is by analyzing how much time you devote to each area.

Ask yourself some questions like:

  • How much time do I spend at work (versus on Facebook or other social media sites)?
  • How many hours do I sleep per night?
  • How much time do I spend exercising and doing other health-related activities?
  • How often do I see my family members and close friends?

The answers to these questions will assess your current work/life balance. If you find that you spend most of your time at the office, then it might be a good idea to start waking up earlier and leaving later in order to get more sleep. Or, if you’re unsatisfied with the amount of social interaction that you receive outside of work, try spending time with friends or family after work hours. You might even want to consider taking on a new hobby!


The bottom line by Peter DeCaprio is: don’t forget about yourself while focusing so much on your career because chances are your boss won’t either. So tell me: How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance?

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