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Geekvape is a brand specializing in the production of electronic cigarettes. Here's why you need the L200 classic model.

Would You Like to Replace Your Old Vape With Geekvape L200 Classic?

Geekvape, a brand specializing in the production of electronic cigarettes, can be said to be a brand loved and sought after by many users, not only in its excellent appearance but also in its inherent performance and excellent output. Recently, geekvape has also launched several electronic cigarette products one after another. It can be said that each device has its own characteristics, and the performance is also very different. 

In order to distinguish each product well, geekvape also spent a lot of thought. Today I will review a brand new geekvape l200 classic kit for you. Maybe you have known about geekvape l200. This product also won awards this year, and it also proves that this product is very good and outstanding. So what better performance will this classic have? We can study it together.

What is the biggest difference from the L200?

From the appearance point of view, I think the L200 Classic Kit will be more atmospheric. The sturdy zinc alloy shell combines with superior leather, which is both rigid and soft. This is also the continuation of geekvape‘s style. Compared with the small size of the L200, I think the L200 Classic Kit will be more suitable for taking it to public places to make myself more confident.

What are the features of the L200 Box Mod design?

From the most obvious place, it must be the 1.08″ TFT Screen. You can monitor the data in real time and switch some required modes, including power, resistance, power, boost/bypass/power mode, etc. For some people who pursue taste In other words, these adjustable modes can be said to play a crucial role. 

For example, the power mode can increase or decrease the power within an appropriate range. If you pursue a strong taste, then the power is high. It can be satisfied under the Boost mode, which can help you quickly get the desired flavor and steam to promote the volatilization and production of the flavor.

Another important button is A-lock. Its main function is to help you lock the device and prevent you from starting the electronic cigarette without paying attention and causing unnecessary losses.

Does it perform better than the L200 in terms of performance?

What you need to know is that the L200 Classic Kit uses a battery converter, which means you are no longer limited to one battery. It can be compatible with both dual 18650 and dual 21700 batteries, and the use time of the product is partly determined by the battery capacity. 

Therefore, it is more user-friendly than the dual 18650 of the L200 Kit. The IP68 rating also perfectly protects the device from damage caused by external causes. The controllable range of power output is between 5-200W, and the level of heat is completely determined by the user’s personal preference.

What are the internal security features?

In addition to the necessity of external protection just mentioned, the normal operation of internal devices is also very important. This time, it adopts Anti-Reverse Protection, No Atomizer Protection, Short Circuit Protection, High Resistance Protection, and 10S Overtime Protection. These all give users a great sense of security and trust.

What about other configurations?

Of course, there is also the atomizer that produces flavor. Geekvape Z Tank has a large capacity of 6ml, which can fully satisfy the desire of vapers to vape, and basically, there is no need to replace the e-liquid for 1-2 days. The top-filling method can also prevent the leakage of e-liquid. The resistance range of Geekvape M Coils is between 0.14-0.3ohm, which basically guarantees great smoke output and more exciting DL vaping.

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