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Four Steps to Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

There is nothing like a good cup of tea.  Tea is hot, but not too hot.  It can be stimulating, but it can also be soothing.  Whether you like coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, everyone can be a passionate tea drinker, even if tea is not among one’s favorites.  Tea is healthy, it is tasty, and it helps lots of people fall asleep, but what exactly is tea?  When you dip that bag in hot water, what is really going on?  Is there an effective way to dip tea in water or otherwise prepare that tea?  Where did tea originate?  How do we know what plants make tea and what plants cannot make tea?  These quandaries can be solved with several web searches through which this article will guide you.  Tea is so good that you might consider purchasing tea gifts for your friends.

1. Choose Your Water

An important part of tea, water can be found at the grocery store in different types of bottles.  The water that comes out of your home’s faucets will also do, unless there is a particularly pungent sulfuric flavor inherent to that water.  Generally, tap water is not the end of the world.  If you are feeling especially zealous, you can harvest your own rain water, and this might be a fun activity to do with a child who might be learning about scientific concepts as rudimentary as the water cycle.  Bottled water from the store will probably work best, as tap water is a wildcard for most, and gathering rain water does not exactly take five minutes.  It is important to only use water to make tea.  Do not mix tea with soda or milk even for a viral video.  Nothing good will come of that video, and no one will watch it.  Water is great to drink at two o’clock in the morning when you are dehydrated, and it is great to drink with tea.  Tea gives you an excuse to keep your body hydrated, so the water you use is key.  Once you are ready to make your tea, make sure the water is cold and newly poured (i.e. not stagnant).

As a side note, make sure all relevant receptacles are clean when you get started.  You do not want to contaminate your tea’s flavor with dirty dishes.  Besides, it is unsanitary.

2. Heat Your Water

If the water is not hot, then it will not absorb the tea from the bag.  Whether you are heating water in the microwave or using a kettle, it is important to ensure that your water is hot.  It may not be warm or lukewarm.  Put the kettle on the stove until it boils, or leave the water in the microwave for two to three minutes, depending on the power of the microwave.  Just make sure the water is hot, and then pour it into a mug if it is not already in a mug.

The singular caveat is that your water may not be too hot.  If your water is too hot, then there will be less oxygen in the water, and this will reduce the flavor of the tea significantly.

3. Select Your Tea

Ideally, you should do this before heating the water so as not to make your selection after the water cools off.  Black tea satisfies most people.  It is sweet and tangy.  It contains caffeine, so that you may perform better at work.  Throughout history, it has been an unrivaled crowd pleaser.  You might also enjoy white tea, which is particularly strong and bitter.  At least, it usually is, though there are many mild white teas, as well.  If you are looking for a heaty, mild option, then you may enjoy green tea.  Finally, there are fussier teas, like oolong tea, that are a bit more complex than other types of tea.  When you place your tea into the hot water, know that color often appears before flavor.  Make sure you steep it for long enough.  A minute or two ought to do the trick.

4. Combine The Tea With The Water

Make sure the hot water is in a mug, and then dip the tea bag into the water.  You can dunk the bag several times to ensure that the flavor permeates the water, and then you can leave it in.  If you do not mind the bitterness of over-steeped tea, then feel free to leave it in, but this article recommends that you remove the bag after a few minutes.  Once the tea develops a rich dark flavor and the whole room smells like tea, then you are just about ready to drink your tea.  Remove the tea bag, and take a sip.  You have earned a relaxing cup of tea.

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