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Five Great Gift Ideas for the Vegans in Your Life

As we near the midway point of September in 2022, the holiday season is already right around the corner. For those who celebrate any of the year-end holidays, that means it’s time to start getting some gift-shopping done. Not only that, but this year there are more vegans than ever, and it’s very likely that you know at least one vegan in your life. Whether they’re from the office, one of your lifelong friends, or someone in your family; if you aren’t vegan yourself, you may not know what to get them as a gift or how to get unbanned on Omegle

Lucky for you, there are a wide variety of delightful items that make an excellent gift for any vegan or vegetarian, from vegan makeup products, to slope game unblocked, and much more, this list has got your gift-shopping covered for any vegan in your life. 

Vegan Cookbooks

Vegan cookbooks are an excellent gift-choice for the modern day vegan, especially if they like to cook and have a kitchen in which they can. This is because it isn’t always easy to find pre-made meals that are automatically vegan. As such, many vegans end up cooking regularly, not by choice, but by necessity. Even still, it can be hard to always come up with new and fresh ideas that yield high-quality vegan meals by yourself. 

On top of that, the internet is such a vast resource that even though you can find a plethora of vegan recipes to choose from, it can simply be overwhelming to try and sift through all of that information. 

This is why vegan cookbooks are so wonderful. They offer an immediate and physical grouping of wonderful vegan recipes for the home-chef to try out and experiment with. Not only that, but they typically offer great cooking tips when it comes to both technique and style, and some well-written cookbooks will even take the at-home-chef on a journey, or weave them a story, through the narrative of the meals themselves.

Another reason that vegan cookbooks can make such good gifts is because they can be so niche. For instance, “The Vegan Stoner” is an awesome little cookbook full of vegan treats that are geared toward the modern consumer. The recipes are easy to follow, the art is fun, and the demeanor is very marijuana-friendly, which is perfect marketing for modern consumers when marijuana consumption is at an all time national-high. Pun only slightly intended. 

Vegan Makeup Collections

The vegan lifestyle often extends above and beyond dietary restrictions in today’s day and age, which is why there are other non-food related options that make excellent gifts for vegans. Vegan based makeup and other beauty products came onto the beauty and cosmetic scene in a big way. Specifically, vegan cosmetic brands and products have gained a lot of popularity and consumer traction over the last few years, as they offer plant-based product alternatives to the traditional beauty products on the market. 

Unbeknownst to many, there are a variety of relatively nasty animal products and byproducts included in many non-vegan beauty products including but not limited to, animal sourced keratin, collagen, and elastin, as well as legitimate snail slime, and a bunch of crushed up bugs. As such, many consumers have started to prefer vegan makeup and other beauty products even if they don’t subscribe to a vegan lifestyle in other areas. 

Reservations to Vegan Restaurants

Going back to the food-based gift approach, sometimes giving an experience is much better than any physical gift that could be given. A reservation to a nice vegan restaurant with a group of friends, or their significant other could make for the perfect gift for a vegan in your life.

Depending on the relationship, perhaps you could even join them on their night out. 

Vegan Clothing and Apparel 

In the same way that vegan beauty products are made from synthetic ingredients and plant based derivatives, there are also a growing number of apparel and clothing companies that have also committed to a vegan lifestyle, or clothing line. 

If you want to support the vegan in your life with some new stylish threads, do some research and gift them a whole new fit that remains vegan. 

Other Experiences

Just because someone is vegan doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy life. Giving someone the gift of an experience is always appreciated, especially in an era where minimalism is once again growing in popularity. 

Think outside the box, and get them tickets to their favorite sports team or performer.

Wrapping up on Good Gifts for Vegans

There are a wide variety of gifts that will make any vegan extremely happy. From lifestyle presents like a new addition to their vegan wardrobe or a fun vegan makeup set, to dietary focused presents like a night out at an awesome vegan restaurant, or a fun vegan cookbook, if you really think about who you’re buying for, you’ll sure come up with a stellar gift that they genuinely appreciate.

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