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Five Creative Ways to Shower While Camping

Over the past few decades, the environment has become a growing concern and primary focus for many. In the past couple of years specifically, the way that we interacted with and appreciated nature on a societal level also shifted. The COVID-19 pandemic swept over the world and had more people engaging with camping and outdoor nature-based-activities than ever before. 

Whether you’ve been camping your whole life, or you’re just starting out, there are a few basic tips that everyone and anyone who wants to try camping should know. Personal safety, hygiene, and emergency knowledge are of crucial importance to those venturing into campgrounds far off the trail. 

Staying relatively clean and getting in the occasional shower while you’re camping can take a little creativity, but is well worth the effort involved as it will keep you fresh, clean, and can help you avoid infection in any minor cuts or scrapes you may have tallied up along the way. 

Dipping in a River or a Lake

One of the most refreshing and best ways there is to grab a shower while off camping is in the cool waters of a river or lake. The running water of a river or stream system can be especially refreshing for those who have been camping for some time. Simply ditch your old dirty clothes at the bank of the river of the lake, and take a little dip. 

If you have biodegradable soap with you, you can use a little droplet of this to give yourself a proper bathing. Rub off the dirt and grime that’s clinging to your legs, and make sure to wash other especially ripe areas, like underneath your arms, and all of your intimate equipment.

If you’re well off the beaten path and either camping by yourself or with your partner, privacy shouldn’t be an issue here, either since you’re out camping in nature. After you’ve finished washing up, you’ll just want to dry off and put on some clean clothes if you have any available. 

The Simplicity of a Towel and Water

Another easy way to get a shower in while camping is with a bucket and a towel. It’s not that fancy, but it sure is effective. This can also be done with biodegradable soap to make it an even cleaner and more hygienic shower. No matter what, though, you’re going to want to make sure you’re at least 200ft or so from any body of water.

The process couldn’t be simpler, take the towel and get it wet. If you have biodegradable soap, you’ll want to put some of that in the water or on the towel as well. Then, you’ll splash some of the water on your body in various areas. Once again, you’ll want to pay special attention to your intimate areas and other body regions that are especially ripe. Repeatedly dip the towel into the water, whether it’s soapy or not, and wash yourself until you feel clean. At that point, you can dump the water out, dry yourself off, and change into a new pair of clothes. 

In a Heavy Rain

Sometimes nature really does do the work for us, and if you can’t find a running stream, and you don’t have a bucket that would be suitable for a horse-batch, you can make use of a heavy rain if you get caught in one. 

There are certain mountainous regions that have rain for an hour or two every day. If you’re camping in a place like this, you can simply time your daily shower for the rain fall, making use of the rain water as it drips down the sky. Use biodegradable soap for an extra thorough washing, and have a dry towel and a fresh pair of clothes nearby for when you’re finished up. 

Wet Wipes

Similar to the towel and bucket-of-water method, you can make use of wet-wipes in order to clean specifically ripe and dirty parts of your body. 

This is likely the least effective version of camp-showering on the list, but it can absolutely get the job done in a pinch. 

Some Campsites Have Showers

Finally, if you pick the right campsite, you may not have to get very creative at all. The campgrounds themselves might have showers available for their visitors. If you have a sprinter van, there are also a variety of sprinter van accessories that can make showering on the road much easier. 

Sprinter van accessories can take your sprinter van to the next level and make it an excellent camping machine. So if you have one, check out sprinter van accessories that could completely elevate the way you go camping. 

A few Final Thoughts on Showering While Camping

Personal hygiene is important no matter what. Whether you’re in the office or off camping under the stars, we all need to take a shower every now and again. Whether you’re looking for the right sprinter van accessories, or you’re dropping your trousers and dipping in a stream, there are plenty of effective ways to grab a shower while camping.

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