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Weight loss and other positive health changes don't happen overnight. While you're working hard to reach your goals, here's how to look your best today.

Fast Changes You Can Make To Look And Feel Your Best

We’ve all caught ourselves wondering many times how actors can lose weight so quickly. We’ve seen some serious transformations, whether it was for a role – Hi, Christian Bale in The Machinist – or one of the many Hollywood bombshells that seem to be right back to their pre-baby body before the newborn is even home from the hospital! 

Life seems unfair sometimes, doesn’t it? But seriously, there are some fast changes you can make to look and feel your best, like the true star you are.


And, more importantly, you want to make sure that you’re making safe changes at the appropriate pace. Because while it can be amazing what celebrities are capable of doing when it comes to losing (and sometimes gaining) weight for roles, they are under the careful supervision of doctors and nutritionists. 

Those of us that aren’t living in LA LA Land know that we need to go a little slower, but don’t worry, the benefits last a lifetime. So, let’s take a look at some quick changes you can make in your lifestyle that will pay off for a lifetime.

Go With Your Gut 

You may have heard by now that our guts are our second brains. Our overall gut health not only impacts our physical health but our emotional and mental health as well. So, taking steps to make sure your gut is in tip-top shape is fast to accomplish other health and fitness goals. 

One way to take charge of our gut health is by investing in pre and probiotic products. While there are many to choose from, make sure you do your research and select a product that suits your individual needs. Some probiotics are even made specifically for men or women. 

And, if you’re already taking prescribed medication daily, you definitely want to run any new supplements you’re considering by your primary care doctor before adding them to your daily regimen. Generally, all probiotics are considered safe, and your doctor will most likely be thrilled you’re proactive about your gut health. 

Move That Body!

It goes without saying that physical exercise is critical to overall health. Some people get put off by starting an exercise routine because they don’t like the idea of running long distances or sweating it out in a gym in front of total strangers. 

The important thing about getting your fitness on is finding a form of exercise that you genuinely enjoy. Not only will you be more likely to stick with it if you want it, but you’ll also see results faster because you’ll be doing more of it as it’s fun to you. 

You may not think it’s possible to lose weight through gentle exercises like pilates or yoga, but it is. Plus, healthy habits lead to other healthy habits, so getting in the routine of moving your body is another obvious way to get the quick changes you’re looking for. Additionally, if it’s an exercise you enjoy, you’re guaranteed to sustain the results and stay looking fantastic forever!

Keep Up With Your Appointments 

We all know we need to visit the dentist twice a year to clean and our primary doctors once a year to get a complete physical. But, you also should keep those hair and nail appointments to stay looking sharp! If you have specific skin concerns, you should prioritize visiting a dermatologist to get them sorted out.

Seriously, is there a better compliment to receive than one about your skin? And, if there are other things you want to make subtle changes to, there’s nothing wrong with considering cosmetic procedures. A little Botox or filler can give you a quick confidence boost, and you see the changes instantly. So, make sure you keep up with your personal care appointments, and you’ll always look and feel great!

What Matters Most 

When you’re looking to make a quick change to look and feel your best, the most important thing to remember is that feeling your best is the most crucial part. That’s why our mental health is paramount. Taking care of our mental and emotional needs will take us further than comparing ourselves to what we see on the silver screen and social media. 

Remember, most of that stuff is edited and filtered to high heaven. The real you is already beautiful. So, live life unedited, get to know yourself, and be confident in who you are. There is nothing more attractive and magnetic than someone satisfied in who they are and how they look. Now, go get ’em, tiger!

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