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Have you ever wondered how some actors quickly gain or lose weight for a role? Take a look at some information on how actors maintain their weight.

How do actors gain and lose weight so fast

“There’s one way to do showbiz, if you want to do it perfectly, you have to be disciplined and you have to be ready to work really hard”. This is a quote from famous Hollywood actress Celine Dion and how credible it is. 

These actors and actresses have to work truly hard all through the times to keep up the pace with challenging junctures. Of course, their acting deftness matters foremost but same hand, it’s their physical presence that gives a huge amount of boost to their careers. 

These celebrities sink into the skin of their movie’s character so deep, whether it is gaining some serious amount of weight or losing extra pounds of mass, they do it all and that too at a fast gait. In order to get the best results from intermittent fasting, it is important to stay consistent by tracking calorie intake, water consumption and have access to professional nutritionists’ advice. One of the best ways to do that is using an app called DoFasting, which has all those features. Not only does it have a fasting timer, a database of thousands of recipes, and home workouts, but it also provides a personalized plan to reach health and fitness goals with the help of professional nutritionists.

How do celebrities put on muscle so fast? 

We all know it’s not a walk in the park to build-up a good amount of muscle. It needs a good amount of dedication, research, and perfect execution to achieve this feat. One of the foremost names that crossed my mind thinking of packing up muscle and getting transformed drastically is Christian Bale. 

I still remember his look in the movie The Machinist, where he was seen as a skinny sort. For that role, he plunged to 120 pounds from 180, and in another movie, The Dark Knight, where he played Batman, the buffed-up superhero, he bulked up to 220 pounds. 

I couldn’t believe what I witnessed only. To get to this muscular build, he followed a serious protein enriched diet and went through an intense workout plan which included weight training, photometric bodyweight circuits, and a mix of martial arts. It needs a blend of adequate meal intake at constant intervals and a proper exercise schedule to gain muscle at a fast speed. 

A certified and quality trainer is a requisite for gaining muscle. A trainer not only directs the energy of the individual in the right channel but also keeps them motivated to keep moving forward. As I said, it’s mostly a mind game. There would be times when you would feel like giving up, this particular moment your trainer would grab you by your arm and say you are doing superb and more importantly, you are not allowed to quit. 

One of the celebrity trainers stated, to build muscle it’s common to eat a lot more food but not all in one go. They have to eat in regular and small portions. Consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of your weight is the rule of the thumb for a normal person to maintain his health. 

For serious mass building, they increase their protein level from 1.5 to 2 grams per pound of their weight. Protein is made up of amino acids that are used as the building blocks of muscle. With protein, we have to increase calorie intake as well. According to a study consuming 20 calories per pound of your body weight helps in muscle building. These celebrity trainers include fat and carbohydrates as well in their client’s daily eatables. 

One more thing they make sure about their client’s regime is that they sleep more and take less stress. At least, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is a must to relax your body and muscle. 

How do celebrities lose weight so fast? 

Weight loss is an uphill task and needs constant endeavor. They have to give up on their craving food addictions and sweat out day in and out in the gym. 

Sometimes even on water intake, they have to decrease. They cut down on their fluids consumption to shed extra baggage from the torso. 

Many of these celebrities start to follow special dietary programs, such as intermittent fasting. It includes a pattern of eating that contains regular short-term fasts and consuming meals within a shorter period of time in a day. Here are few eating patterns adding intermittent fasting to your diet: A popular example is time restricted eating. The most popular 16/8 method involves fasting every day for 16 hours and eating in the remaining hours.

This fasting strategy is workable but only if it’s done under proper guidance. A team of experts, be it a dietitian or a personal trainer, keep a hawkeye view on these celebrities’ schedules. 

Some of the strange but effective tips these celebrities confided were writing what all you eat, have salads in every meal, drinking a good amount of water before any meal, striving for a diet which would be good if not perfect, and avoid late night and early morning feasts. 

These celebrity workouts are not some out-of-the-universe types but they are monitored and enforced professionally. Although it doesn’t happen overnight this transformation happens rather quickly. 

How long do celebrities workout a day?

When you want to lose or gain weight that too in a short span of time you need to extend your workout sessions to extremes. 

Imagine getting into a ripped physique, a celebrity workout could last for 13 hours in a day. Guess how much mental strength and physical perseverance would be required to carry on with this job. Be it high resistance training, intense bodyweight circuits, long cardio sessions, the list is endless. 

Actress Jennifer Lawrence expressed that for a superhero film she worked out between 10-12 hours a day, with a series of exercises ranging from weight lifting to resistance training and squats. 

Do you remember Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie Southpaw? Imagine he was made to do 2000 situps a day. This single form of exercise only could burn one’s body to hell. Director Antoine Fuqua asked him to train like a fighter to play the role of a fighter. The result was phenomenal on screen. 


Laconically speaking, mental strength and physical endurance go hand in hand when we think of losing or gaining weight. 

It’s not only about looking good, but it’s also about feeling good as well. These celebrities are ideals for our youth, so the path they choose is always going to be watched and followed by the masses. These celebrities have to make sure that whatever they striving to achieve should be in a healthy and prudent direction. 

Any of the celebrity workouts are seriously not easy to follow and if you decide to comply with that, your determination, your will, your mental vitality everything would be assessed, but believe me, the end result would be worthy of every drop of sweat and tear you shed on the workout floor.

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