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Looking for Father’s Day dinner ideas and gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Here's a list of dinner options for father's day.

Father’s Day Dinner Idea

Looking for Father’s Day dinner ideas and gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Dad is usually the one that fires up the grill for us on a special occasion, but they deserve a day off as much as celebrating. Treating dad to a special sit-down dinner is a great gesture but if you don’t want to wait too long to be seated, then ordering food delivery would be your best bet! Whether you’re planning a quaint patio picnic or a cozy stay-at-home meal, check out the list of Father’s Day dinner ideas. If you’re also looking for Father’s Day gift ideas, then check this out – Wing Boss, a Chicken Wing Restaurant, is doing an Xbox Mini Fridge giveaway in conjunction with Sam Williams, the American Football Defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). Hot Wings for dinner, checked! Xbox Mini Fridge for Father’s Day gift, checked! Let’s just call it killing two birds with one stone. Or, get him a Dad Bod Burger from Big Deal Burger, a burger place that serves a wide array of over-the-top burgers loaded with hickory-smoked meats.

Father’s Day Dinner Idea

Hot Wings with Hickory Smoke Flavor

Whether it’s super bowl or board game night, chicken wings like buffalo hot wings are always the go-to snacks for us, but have you tried chicken wings with hickory smoke flavor? Available for food delivery, event catering and carryout in various locations across different states, Wing Boss offers succulent, finger-licking pit-smoked wings. Whether you’re feeling bone-in wings or boneless wings, Wing Boss got you covered.

As the brainchild of the culinary team of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Wing Boss pride themselves on serving chicken wings with smoky flavor. Those wings soak up that slow-smoked hickory flavor with Dickey’s legendary barbecue smoke pit, and they flash-fry the wings to order at 350 degrees.

We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to flavors as well – Wing Boss offers a plethora of flavors ranging from buffalo, spicy Korean, Thai sweet chili, Cajun sauce, garlic parmesan to lemon pepper rub, you name it! Be sure to pair your wings with delicious side dishes like jalapeno cheese fries and buffalo ranch fries.  There are also different dips to choose from, ranging from homemade ranch, homemade blue cheese to jalapeno cheese sauce. If the hot wings are too hot to handle, then wash it down with some sweet tea and lemonade.

You can order wings by the piece or simply get the combos that come with a regular side, choice of dip as well as the signature Dickey’s Big Yellow Cup. You can also order the breaded chicken tenders or group packs too, take your pick!

A True Barbecue Burger

Spoil your dad with some Texan comfort food: Barbecue Burger. Put all his diet restrictions on hold and indulge him with this Dad Bod Burger presented by Big Deal Burger! Featuring toasted brioche bun, pit-smoked brisket, crumbled blue cheese, sweet grilled onions, blue cheese dressing and other goodies, Dad Bod Burger is truly a burger of beastly proportions! Pair the stack burger with butterfly Texas toast with sliced cheddar cheese too. Or other succulent dishes like sliced polish sausage with pickles and onions on a butterfly toasted brioche bun.

Father’s Day Gift Idea

Wing Boss Presents XBOX Mini Fridge Giveaway with Dallas Cowboys

With Father’s Day approaching, Wing Boss is teaming up with Sam Williams, a stellar football player from the Dallas Cowboys to give away a XBOX mini fridge signed by him! Featuring LED lights and a design that is reminiscent of the XBOX series X, the mini fridge is a perfect Father’s Day gift. The appliance can hold up to 12 cans of your Pop’s favorite energy drinks and beers. This gift caters to Dads who are avid gamers and love cracking open a cold one on a game day. To enter the giveaway competition, all you need to do is follow Wing Boss on Instagram – @wingbossco and tag a deserving dad on their recent post.

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