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Famous Photographers In The History

Famous Photographers In The History

A photographer makes sure to transport you to another dimension through their creations. Some visuals make it to the cover of famous magazines, whereas others get displayed at renowned exhibitions, compelling the audience to gaze at the imagery for hours. The work of the photographer is as alluring as their history and the following blog will discuss the famous photographers in history giving you detailed insights regarding their famous works too. 

Let’s move forward in and do the needful of telling the history.

Ansel Adams 

The first on the list of history of famous photographers is one and only Ansel Adams. The photographer is known to capture nature and landscape niches. The images must have crossed your eyes even if you are not familiar with the name of the photographer. If you actively keep visiting art galleries then the black-and-white images of Yosemite Valley CA might have caught your attention. Other than that the same picture is easily available on posters and books too. 

Besides that have you heard of The Zone System? The credits go to Ansel Adams and Fred Archer for giving birth to the perfect creation of an intricate system using black and white papers. 

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce

Another photographer who deserves immense appreciation is Joseph Nicephore’s Niece. Why? It is said that in 1825, he was the first person to take the first photograph in the world. Surprising right? So in related photography lists his name is usually kept on top because if he had not invented the art of taking pictures then all of us would never have been able to store and preserve memories of our loved ones who are not with us anymore. Imagine what he left behind for us to cherish. 

Alfred Stieglitz

Make way for Alfred Stieglitz, who holds an important name among the most famous photographers in History. If we discuss his role in the field of photography then without a doubt he contributed to taking photography to the next level. He expanded the domain in the form of art when many things took a turn in the 1900s. Moreover, his wife was Georgie O Keefe, a painter. Stieglitz was the proud owner of the signature images of New York City. Those are assumed as pure works of art. 

Margaret Bourke-White

It is good to see that females are also recognized as famous photographers in History. Margaret Bourke-White is known to be one of the early women journalists and a hardworking photographer at LIFE magazine. She even inspired a filmmaker to direct a film on her life that is recommended to see. The actress who did justice to her character of being crazy and fearless was Farrah Fawcett. Margaret was the famous photographer who was the mastermind behind the last image of Gandhi that is famous for being the last one, few hours before his assassination. 

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier is known to be ‘the father of photojournalism’ as many Historians applaud his work. The guy was French in origin and his expertise lay in street photography that are termed as candids. Henri was the one to strike out the phrase “The Decisive Moment’’. He set a remarkable benchmark as till today many journalists belonging to the same community aspire to be like him in the future. 

Robert Capa 

After talking about usual life photographers it’s our turn to tell about Robert Capa. Well, Capa was a combat photographer. He is famous for covering five distinct wars from the Spanish Civil War to WWII. Guess what? Robert Capa is also one of the founding members of Magnum Photos. It holds the honor of being the world’s most premium photographic agency. 

Edward Muybridge

Let us get to know Edward Muybridge. He is popular for revolutionizing motion pictures and motion photographic studies. Do you enjoy watching movies with the help of the projector? If yes then thank this guy for giving you a lifetime of entertainment since he was the brains behind the first movie projector. In addition, he observed the motion of animals through which he discovered the image of the horse having all four of his feet off the ground alternatively. 

Philippe Halsman

Philippe Halsman is declared as the master of portrait images throughout his lifetime. The photographer sets himself apart from others by having various LIFE magazines more than any other photographer and that too at the age of 101. That’s a huge wow, right?

Salvador Dali, the surrealist painter, and Halsman had a close friendship and collaboration on work for 37 years. The partnership gave him the benefit of publishing the book with the name of ‘’Dali’s Moustache’’. If we discuss his art then his creations in the presence of portraits were undoubtedly thought-provoking, innovative, and creative. The story does not end here as his famous photography includes taking pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, Alfred Hitchcock, and even Albert Einstein. The funny part is that Halsman was known to make the subject of his pictures jump in front of the camera. If any enthusiast goes through his family holiday cards then they can see what a jolly individual he was. He encouraged people in his frame to look playful, and foolish, and cooperate with his sense of humor as he was like this in real life. 

Edward Weston

The name shines among the most influential photographers that existed in the 20th century. What works is he famous for? Edward Weston is recognized for capturing images of close-ups, natural forms, nudes, and landscape photography. If you are an art lover then deeply look at the images of his abstract nudes and bell peppers. His passion for photography continues to stay alive in three generations as his sons Brett and Cole and grandchildren Cara and Kim take over the legacy of their great-grandfather’s profession. 


We hope you found the blog on famous photographers in History entertaining enough as we tried our best to cover the major artworks of the above-mentioned famous photographers and what they leave behind. So next time you are in dire need of inspiration then just search and look for their work to unleash your inner photographer.

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