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How to enjoy penetrating sex better than ever

Paying attention to your body should be your duty as well as your partner’s. If you find out you no longer enjoy one form of sex like you used to, or you no longer find it thrilling, ensure you talk to your partner about it. There are several means of reviving long-lost interest, and one of those means could be by seeing porn on Porndoe.

As vague as it might appear, porn is one of those means of strengthening the bond between partners and keeping relationships healthier and stronger. In this scenario, if you notice you are not thrilled like you used to when having penetrating sex, there could be quite a number of factors controlling it. However, it’s nothing serious, and you need not beat yourself up about it. Understanding the ways to enjoy penetration sex more would go a long way. 

First, you need to understand that there’s nothing wrong with you or your body. While most sex therapists have bamboozled couples to believe that having orgasms in less than 10 minutes is always feasible, it’s not always the case. You can have penetrating sex and not orgasm, or in this case, not enjoy it, and that’s not because you are sick. As mentioned earlier, you could see a couple of videos on Porndoe to understand how you can switch things up. Here are some other necessary steps you can take.

Understand your body:

Your body is the center of it all. If you’ve been enjoying one form of sex, and suddenly you stopped, something is wrong somewhere. Most times, we get so carried away by the ecstasy that we forget to pay attention to our bodies. If your partner does not understand body language, you might want to teach him consciously. There are several receptors in the female body, including the vagina. So, if you are having vaginal/penetrating sex, and you are not enjoying it or feeling like it, slow it all down and pay rapt attention. 

Try delaying your orgasm:

Most times, the sexual tension has ended eve before the actual sex starts. If you orgasm from foreplay, you might want to reduce the time spent on foreplay and go into enjoying the main penetrating sex. The moment you orgasm, it’s normal for you to feel tired –tried to have another round of sexual tension. Hence, the moment you find yourself in this category, ensure by all means possible that you delay orgasm so that you can enjoy the main event. 

Focus on your clit:

The clitoris is believed to have the G-spot, although many individuals believe the G-spot is a myth. It is, however, worthy to note that the clit is one of the most sensitive parts of the vagina and if there’s any means you could achieve orgasm or enjoy penetrating sex, your clit needs to be massaged gently. Once you can stimulate your clit or locate your G-spot, enjoying penetrating sex becomes somewhat easier and stress-free. 

Try fewer interesting positions:

If you want to enjoy penetrating sex, that means you want to last longer in bed. One means of achieving this is by delaying orgasms. There are some sexual positions that you could take that would definitely make you orgasm in minutes. However, there are some that inhibit orgasms. Hence, if you’d like to increase the penetration, ensure both partners stay active, and this might mean delaying orgasms. Understand those positions that make you vulnerable to orgasm when having penetrating sex and stay away from them for the time being. 

Penetrating sex could be interesting and enjoyable if you know the ways and patterns. Most times, we believe one of the most effective means of orgasm is through penetrating sex, which is not farfetched. It’s more intimate than other forms of sex, and about the most effective means of climaxing for both partners. If you’d want to delay orgasm with penetrating sex, you should read and practice those techniques given above. You could also see some Porndoe clips to help put you on the right track regarding the positions to take that could delay orgasm.

Enjoying penetrating sex is not a one-person possibility, so ensure you carry your partner along and ensure both parties are willing to do what it takes to enjoy the sex more. Sex is great, but when one partner begins to enjoy it than the other, it becomes problematic and could ruin such a relationship. Hence, if you are not enjoying your partner like you used to, discuss it with your partner, and you both arrive at a consensus. 

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