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What to do if one of your employees is expecting baby? This could be a delicate situation, discover the best way to handle it in this article.

How do you respond to the news that your employee is expecting a baby?

Do you know that many pregnant women feel stressed and unappreciated while on maternity leave?  Research shows that more women are working while pregnant and that 40% of companies lose their most valuable employees when they become pregnant. The cost to your company to replace such a person could be up to 60% of her annual salary. Are you looking for an effective way to accommodate and hold on to your valuable employees?Let Bebedeparis help you to:
1. Celebrate these happiest moments in your employees’ lives.
2. Retain your valuable employees.
3. Attract top talent in the industry through your caring workplace culture.

Our goal is to help your employees feel happy, valued and appreciated by the company by providing your employees with a memorable product and service.
By showing that you care about your staff your customers and potential business partners will appreciate that you are an ethical business that does things properly.
Baby gifts are not an annual fixed expense, but an excellent way to support women in a delicate moment in their career. Working within your company budget they will help you to assemble the perfect gift. Th3e people at Bebedeparis know that finding the best newborn gifts can be one of the toughest present-finding missions. Of course, you could choose to buy the world’s most luxurious Baby gift hampers online directly from Bebedeparis. The brand is known for its ultrasoft, durable, and high-quality cotton and materials. From clever sleep suits to breathable muslin cloths, there are plenty of checkout-worthy items to choose from. Or you can also decide to become a “Baby Friendly Company” that support and celebrate their employees when they become a parent. The birth is celebrated by the company sending a practical and personalised baby hamper making that moment unforgettable. They customise the chosen hamper with your corporate logo, greeting card and the baby’s name. This option facilitates planning and making up of the hamper well in advance.

To become an International, Acknowledge Baby Friendly Company, implement the Bronze, Silver or Gold Baby Friendly Companies Programs or Customise your own programme by choosing and combining any of the following services to fit the needs and budget of your company:

  • When announcing their pregnancy, employees receive a book as a gift: “What to expect when you’re expecting”.
  • At the birth of the baby, a personalised BebedeParis baby layette is sent to hospital or home.
  • When coming back to work after paternity/maternity leave, the employee receives a Nicky teether that develops the baby’s five senses, as a gift.

To become a Baby Friendly Company and partnering with Bebedeparis, have no monthly costs involved. Contact them now at and see if this service is something that we are looking to include into your budget for our new financial year.  

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