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There are lots of activities that can stimulate a baby's brain activity. Here's a rundown of the activities here.

Top 10 activities stimulate baby’s brain development

Currently, with the advent and development of technology devices, children are increasingly exposed to phones or televisions…Because of this, the baby sometimes becomes passive, slow and limits the development of thinking. 

So how to change the habit, try letting your baby work with intellectual games. The purpose is to promote some of the babies’ abilities and help them to be more intelligent and creative in life. Here, the article shares the top 10 activities to help stimulate your baby’s brain development, please refer to it!

Following are top 10 activities stimulate baby’s brain development


Coloring pictures will awaken the combination of the baby’s senses and the baby learns how to hold the pen and choose colors to match the picture. In particular, children also learn to pay attention when they color a picture with many intricate and complex details. Baby also knows a lot about all the new things of the outside world.

Children are also more confident and excited when they finish coloring a picture. Many children will bring their drawings to grandparents, parents or siblings to show off their achievements. This also helps the child to be bolder and stronger.

Jigsaw puzzles

Baby playing with puzzles

One of the most basic brain games for baby’s sensitive development is building toys. Children can learn all aspects such as recognizing different colors and freely creating any shape they can think of according to their preferences. In addition, children also know how to perceive space and think logically.

Puzzle Solving

Puzzle solving is an extremely effective brain growth game in the first years of your baby’s life. Children have more capacity to develop cognitively, know how to solve questions and be more active. Parents should join their children in solving puzzles to help them increase their curiosity, learn more things and feel happier.

Dice and Drum Game

When the baby holds the dice and the drum, the baby will have a handshake reaction and pay attention to the sound the toy makes. Children know more about how to change the strength of their hands in the most appropriate way.

Number cards game

Number cards will be printed on each photo. Everyone in the family can keep the baby active by teaching him how to perceive numbers into his brain. With the number card game, children can not only play away from smart devices but also learn to count and remember numbers.

Outdoor activities

You should not let your baby lull in the house all day, he will be timid and shy in front of the crowd. From time to time, you let your baby go outside away from your house and participate in outdoor activities such as: hide and seek or catch goats blindfolded, … Some of these activities when playing during the search process, the baby will increase the ability to think and judge very highly.

In addition, this outdoor activity will train your baby to think differently and learn many new skills during the play and mischief phase.

Object Searching

Finding objects will make your baby aware of where the brain needs to go to find the given objects. The baby will be active and try to focus for hours in every way to be able to complete the set task.

Games with cartons

Children create a house with cartons

This is an extremely stimulating game to create toys with different shapes and sizes such as houses, flowers, animals… Plus, kids want to make games out of crates. carton must be very persistent, carefully step by step and must be done sequentially.

Obstacle Challenge Game

Overcoming obstacles is an activity that stimulates visual exploration and awareness as well as learning how to solve each problem. This game you can design right in your home space for your baby. You just need to use some available applications in the house and promote your baby’s desire to play from an easy level and then gradually raise it to difficulty with difficulties for your baby to go through.

Singing and clapping game

Clapping is the first exercise in life and teaches your baby how to learn to climb as well as the beginning of interactions with people around. From there, your baby will open up social skills and an interest in music. Singing combined with clapping, the baby will know how to harmonize the rhythm of the hand beat and the lyrics together so as not to be out of rhythm.

The article has shared a list of the top 10 games that help stimulate the baby’s brain development in the most specific way. Hopefully, parents will join their children to participate in some of the above games and activities to help them effectively promote their brain abilities in the later stages of growth.

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