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Best New 5 Elf Bar Vape Flavors 2022

Vaping has now become a better alternative to smoking and other forms of nicotine consumption. Using vape pens is more convenient and less harmful. 

Besides, with technological advancement, many vape brands have emerged in the market, offering unique features and diverse flavors to enhance the overall vaping experience.

Elf Bar is one of the most reckoned brands in the vape industry. From offering devices with a high puff count and rechargeable batteries to a wide range of vape flavors, the brand stands out in all aspects.

However, due to the availability of ample choices in Elfbar Flavors, choosing the right one for yourself might become perplexing. So, in this article, well discuss some of their best flavors to enhance your vaping experience.

5 Best Elf Bar Vape Flavors to Try in 2022

From sweet, fruity tones to alcohol-based mocktail aftertastes, Elf Bar offers some unique and amazing flavors.

Below are the top 5 flavors from the Elf Bar brand that you must try in 2022.

  • Sweet Menthol

When it comes to vaping, menthol is one of the most loved and experimented flavors. It is mixed with many other flavors, making the outcome wonderful. 

Sweet Menthol from Elf Bar is a mix of icy menthol and sweet mint. So, the prominent flavor of this e-juice is menthol with tones of sweet mint, blending in perfectly to give a cool and refreshing taste. 

This flavor is perfect for vapers who like subtle sweet hits in their throat that are not too overpowering.

  • Sakura Grape

Since vaping is mostly about trying refreshing flavors, trying other variants is always welcome. 

With Sakura Grape, Elf Bar has infused exotic flavors that will provide an everlasting fresh and sweet aftertaste. It has flavors derived from Japanese Grapes or Kyoho Grapes, giving the e-liquid an edge over other flavors. 

So, if you are more inclined toward vaping sweeter flavors, Sakura Grape would be an ideal choice.

  • Strawberry Mango

What do you expect to get when you combine mango with strawberry? Let us tell you that youll get a unique fruity flavor, and Elf Bar is here to render you that experience.

Strawberry Mango is one of the most-loved tropical flavors Elf Bar has in its collection. The ripe, tangy strawberries combined with sweet mango give a powerful yet distinct flavor. 

It is a perfect tangy-sweet combination flavor that any vape lover would love. So, if you prefer vape flavors that are a bit tangy and gives a sharp hit on puffing it, this is the one for you!

  • Mango Peach Apricot

Coming from the limited range of vape juices from Elf Bar is the Mango Peach Apricot. 

This flavor provides floral notes to the vaping experience. In fact, it is a flavor that offers perfect beachy vibes anytime, anywhere. 

The combination in this vape juice strikes a perfect balance between soft and sweet tones. Hence, it will not be too-hard hitting when you draw puffs of this flavor.

  • Blueberry Energize

People who love the taste of blueberries, in general, will fall in love with this flavor. 

This flavor from Elf Bar brings out the best of blueberriestangy notes while not making the aftertaste unpleasant.

Along with blueberry, the other elements included in this vape juice will surely energize you after you draw in a couple of puffs of this wonderful flavor variant.

So, if you want to reenergize yourself through vaping while inhaling flavorful puffs, Blueberry Energize is your best pick.

End Thoughts

Vaping has become a trend and an experience that people constantly strive to upgrade. From rechargeable to disposable vapes, there have been many changes in how people vape. 

One of the most significant aspects of vaping that people often experiment with is the e-juice flavors. Thus, Elf Bar has been doing a great job bringing in new flavors of wide varieties to increase the choices for consumers.

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