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Are you looking to throw your kids the best Disney theme party ever? If so, you have to check out our list of the best ideas to make you party magical!

Best Disney theme party ideas for your kids

Show us a kid who doesn’t like Disney and its characters, we will wait. Of course, you can’t. There’s not a single kid in this world who is not charmed by the fun and lovely characters of Disney. From Mickey Mouse to Donald Duck, its catchy and pleasant music, and the great life-lesson learning experience, kids love it all. So, why not use it as a theme for their parties? Kids, especially, love Disney characters.

Every child at least has one favorite character and you will be hard-pressed to find a kid who has never had one. A thoughtful present together with the party will be an unforgettable experience for the celebrant.


As much as kids love Disney, they love parties as well. So, why not combine them? Let’s be honest, we are still obsessed with Disney and the coming generation will be too. Whether it is a special occasion or someone’s birthday, you can never go wrong with Disney-themed parties. 

For Disney-loving kids, a Disney themed party will be a very special gift. There are many things that you can do for the party considering it has so many characters and kids love them all dearly. Nowadays, you can easily buy Disney gifts in Australia or any other country with just a few clicks. 

Everything you would need for a party can be easily found in the online Disney stores with a wide range of products of all time with great price deals.

We have listed down some cool ideas that you use for your Disney-themed parties and we can assure you that your kids will love it!

  • Disney outfits:

You cannot have a Disney-themed party if the kids are not dressed as Disney characters. It will be super fun for all the kids to be dressed as their favorite Disney characters. Be sure to not get confused and choose the same character outfit for two or many kids. They won’t like it. So, be sure to discuss this outfit topic with other kid’s parents. Choose the best rental company for ordering costumes for your kids. 

  • Disney Invitations:

Well, if you are planning for a complete Disney-themed party, why leave the invitations behind? Invitations should be perfect as they will be the first impression on the invited kids as well their parents. 

As we are well aware of the fact that there are many different characters in Disney, so while designing your invitation card, be sure of which character you’re choosing and design the card accordingly. Also be sure to print the card in good quality. You don’t need to write long invitation messages as, let’s be real, kids don’t care about it. All they care about is the party. Remember to print the card in good quality so that as soon as the kids see it, they get excited about the party.

  • Disney games:

Kids love to play games. They are at the party to have fun and be entertained and what is better than playing games? You can do many things about this. You can make them play popular party games like musical chairs, Pinata, Hide and seek and many other games. 

You can have trained entertainers who dress up as Disney characters and entertain kids. You can plan a movie-watching section for when they get tired of playing. Remember to choose games that do not require them to run much as they would be in their respective costumes.

  • Disney themed cakes and cupcakes:

Customized cakes are very popular nowadays. You can have a cake of any size and shape. You can order a professional baker to make your Disney party-themed cake. Be sure to mention the characters you’ve decided on for the party. There can be other Disney-related sweets or cupcakes. You can spice up the eating experience of kids by using Disney-themed plates, cups, and other utensils.

  • Disney giveaways:

You can end the party with some cool Disney-themed giveaways. You can give them Disney-themed school supplies like school bags, pencils, erasers. You can also give them Disney toys. 

Well, which kid would say no to toys? So, it is a brilliant idea to have them for return gifts. Always remember to choose something memorable for giveaways as they are a way of thanking the guests for coming. Hence, a good return gift will leave a lasting impression on them.


While planning a Disney-themed party for your kid, do remember to talk and ask for your kid’s ideas and wants as in the end it is a party for them. Do something magically like every Disney story so that everyone has a very special and unforgettable experience.

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