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You'll find some people are ok near you, and others will dislike it when it comes to vaping. Here's how to deal with friends who are against vapes.

Ways to Deal with Friends and Family Who Aren’t Keen on Vaping

We live in a huge world where every person is different from one another. Everyone has different preferences, likes and dislikes. We collectively make this place worth living by sharing this earth, heavens, rivers and environment. All of us are supposed to be kind enough to allow others to feel confident with their own choices. Thus, there should not be any leverage to judge others on the basis of your personal feelings. Whether they are dining something you like or not, you would be kind towards humanity if you let them be what they are. That’s how the process of counselling takes place.

We All Are Different: 

Like other habits, you will find some people who would feel ok near you, and others will find it disliked when it comes to vape. These people could be among your friends and family members, so don’t feel that they don’t love you anymore. Understanding this concept is as simple as taking a glass of water once you get to know that you are feeling thirsty. Once you learn to treat them while respecting their preference, you will no longer feel uncomfortable in their company. Let’s discuss the points that can help all vapers stand tall among their friends and family who don’t like vaping. 

Don’t Promote Vaping Among Them: 

First of all, make one thing that they don’t like vaping, so be conscious not to promote vaping in front of them. Don’t justify your vaping sitting next to them. Thus, they will realise that you are respecting their opinion and choices, so they have to respect yours if they are not being affected. Try to avoid discussions that are in favour of vapes and vaping. For example, since disposable vapes are trending so much, the vapers unconsciously start discussing that disposable vapes like Geek bar disposable are pretty cool to use and take anywhere. This way, the others feel disrespectful. It seems like they are the ones that haven’t matched the pace with the popular trends of the time. 

Don’t Forget the People Who Dislike Vaping:  

Never forget the people who even once in a blue moon showed disliking towards vaping. Remembering them and taking care of their request will make them happy, and you will become more loved and respectful of them. Usually, people take grudge against those who pose arrogance and stubbornness. So, if you behave politely and show an optimistic approach towards their preferences, you will surely feel a nice lovely bond with them.

Respect the Vape Restricted Events:

There are many places in the UK where the displayed boards restrict smoking and vaping. Actually, in the UK, the roles and regulations for vaping are the same as smoking. The places where you are not allowed to smoke, you will not be permitted to vape there. Such places are basically public places. This is formed to make the people comfortable that don’t like to sit in the smoking area. Some restaurants, cafes and wedding halls ask to avoid smoking and vaping. So, be kind to the people who neither want to disturb the vapers nor wish to be disturbed by them. So, don’t test their patience by affecting their comfort zone, else they will ask the management to throw you out of the point. For sure, this is going to happen if they do not ask you to pay the fine or something. 

Don’t Try to Challenge the Vape Alarms:

Almost all the vape restricted points have secret alarms installed to alert the management. So, it is a humble request not to try them. This try can take your self-confidence and esteem out of yourself because they will not be going to leave you with a bouquet of beautiful flowers even if they have already mentioned avoiding vaping. These alarms will smartly get the particles and indicate the vape puffs instantly. The sensors of these alarms work the same against vaping and smoking. So, it is more ethical to avoid vaping in a restricted area.

Don’t Get Offended by Someone’s Request: 

If you are sitting in a group of your friends and jamming amazing songs, even then, it is not always ok to take your vape out of the pocket and start puffing. Because there could be some girls and boys who don’t like your smoking. So respect their dislike and prefer to get up and enjoy your puffs at some distance and then come back to join the group. Don’t ever get annoyed if they request you stop smoking or vaping because they have the right to dislike it, just like you have the right to like vaping. 

The same rule applies to the family premises. It is a friendly suggestion not to spoil your relation of love and understanding with your family members for the sake of a bad habit. Trust me, a habit that is not even 100% good for your mental, emotional, and physical health is not worth it. Usually, vapers seem to fight with their parents and sibling just being exhausted due to their nicotine cravings. That’s how they start feeling lonely and sad. So don’t get annoyed and spoil the beautiful relations just for the sake of vaping in front of them. Try to make it clear that if they ask you to stop, it is not a challenge to continue. It is their love and request for you. So, perceive it in the same way. 

Keep Slim Disposable Vapes in Your Pocket:

Disposable vapes like Elf bar disposable are one of the most user-friendly vape devices to carry in your pocket, and girls can also take them inside their purses. Actually, some people make it feel untidy when you hold a cigarette or a vape in your hand, whether you use it or not at the moment. I suggest having a slim and beautiful disposable vape device that will be easily fit inside your wallet. Guys can simply slip it inside their pockets. Thus your appearance will not announce that you are going to vape any moment. It’s all about the human psyche that whether you don’t vape and just hold in hand, the people around you who do not like vaping will get a bit irritated. 

To cap up this blog, we can say that giving respect to others’ preferences make your position good among the people you respect. It is a general rule that makes your life pleasant when you believe in giving respect and taking respect. This is a simple theory that demands little dedication and humanity with the polish of good manners.

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