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Custom barricade covers can be a great way to boost your brand recognition and enhance your marketing efforts. Here's how.

How Can Custom Barricade Covers Become Your Marketing Tool?

As you probably know, barricade covers are not just a simple barrier during an event.

You can create a unique tool based on your message that thousands of people will use for months or years. How cool is that? While they are using the very same barricades with your brand name over them, they are getting your message possibly daily.

While reading this article, you will discover how custom barricade covers can become a powerful marketing tool and how they have been used successfully by many different companies.

  1. They are Weatherproof

According to reports, barrier devices such as fences, bollards, crash barriers, and drop arms/boom barriers are installed on roadways, airports, and railways.

Barricade covers are designed to make the design obvious when the barricades are in use. The key to making them weatherproof lies in choosing a model with an inner layer of insulation made of acrylic fabric or foam rubber. 

The insulating layer prevents water from seeping through and reaching the adhesive layer, which could damage the design if it’s not waterproof.

  1. They are Durable and Robust

Barricade covers are solid and durable, which means they can be used for a long time without signs of wear. The print is made with special UV-resistant inks that will last for many years. 

If you have chosen well-designed barricades, they can last for years as well. When you are sponsoring an event, these products will likely be used many times over months or even years.

  1. The Design Can Have a Narrative

Designing a barricade cover is not difficult, but it does involve essential decisions. The design must be eye-catching and memorable, but it must also tell a story or present your company name as an authority in your particular field.

It’s best to develop the core of the design around a single powerful message with clear benefits for potential customers. It can be tempting to try cramming too much into one sign, so be selective with the information you present. The design should have a clear message and good readability, so ask for feedback from colleagues or friends to get the best results.

  1. They are Great for Speaking at Events

Speaking at events is almost mandatory, even if your company does not usually participate in such activities. Having custom barricade covers is a great way to draw attention to your stand and attract visitors.

Even if you’re not presenting at an event, it’s still a good idea to bring some barricade covers with you spread around the company name and information about upcoming projects or developments. You’ll be surprised how many people will pick up on this detail.

  1. They Can be Used to Show Commitment and Involvement

Custom barricade covers can be used in many different ways, but one typical example would be to show health and safety commitment at company events. The use of bright colors in the distinctive SGS style is a simple way to indicate that you are committed to keeping staff safe at all times.

  1. They Can Help to Engage and Communicate with Employees

Barricade covers are a cost-effective way to engage with employees and communicate company culture, branding, or values without needing a massive budget for traditional marketing activities. 

Using your brand’s colors and logo helps everyone connect with the organization’s world; you can even use the barricades to create a sense of community.

  1. They are a Perfect Way to Show Off About Your Sponsorship

Sponsoring an event is a great way to get your name in public and increase brand awareness, but you need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes along! 

Making sure your company name and logo are visible at all times will make it more likely that people will remember your sponsorship or take notice of your brand. 

  1. The Barrier Tapes Give Your Sponsorship a Logical Conclusion

A barricade cover helps bring a sponsorship activity to a close; it gives people a physical representation of the brand. The barrier tape is an essential element for completing the branding process and providing a valuable way for visitors and participants to remember your brand.

  1. They Can Help to Protect Your Signs

While barricade covers are primarily a marketing tool, they can also be used as a way to protect your signage.

If you have invested in a large banner that will live outside for an extended period, make sure it’s protected from the elements by putting up a custom cover. The cover will be bright and bold so that people will remember the design.

Final Thoughts

Custom barricade covers can be a great way to boost your brand recognition and enhance your marketing efforts. They are highly versatile, so they can be used in many different ways, such as participating in events or simply displaying your logo at company buildings or work sites.

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